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Weekly Update (May 29): Are Tutors Bad for Commander?

Modern Horizons 2 Previews

Modern Horizons 2 previews continued this past week, with some pretty powerful effects for both Modern and Commander being revealed. A lot of free spells, unique effects, and throwbacks to fan favorites, Modern Horizons 2 is living up to the hype. Be sure to check out all the latest previews at

Commander Clash Podcast 008: Are Tutors Bad For Commander?

Are tutors bad for the Commander format? The crew argues the pros and cons to tutors in Commander, including whether it goes against "the...Read more

Budget Magic / Meme or Dream? $1 Mono-Black Devotion (Pioneer)

Is a version of Pioneer Mono-Black Devotion that only costs $1 on Magic Online a Meme or Dream? Let's find out on this crossover Budget Magic/Meme or Dream? special!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Sanity Grinding Arcbound Ravager Krark's Thumb

This week most of our biggest finance news is attached to Modern Horizons 2 spoilers. Leading the way was Sanity Grinding, with the mill spell jumping a massive 629% to $20 thanks to the printing of Fractured Sanity and the possibility of a Mono-Blue Mill deck developing in Modern. Whether or not focusing on the traditionally underpowered chroma mechanic will actually be a legitimate plan for Modern mill remains to be seen, but as an old one-printing rare, it doesn't take much for a card like Sanity Grinding to spike.

Along the same lines, former Affinity all-star Arcbound Ravager is on the rise, with both its original Darksteel and Modern Masters printings increasing about 35% to just under $19. It was only a couple years ago that the two-drop was on the short list of the most expensive cards in Modern, coming in at around $50, but the banning of Mox Opal more or less removed Affinity from the format. It seems like at least some people are betting the archetype will make a return to Modern thanks to the support for artifact decks in general and the modular mechanic in specific. If you're thinking of building Affinity, Modular, or Hardened Scales in the near future, it might be worth grabbing your Arcbound Ravagers now. If an artifact deck reemerges in the format, Arcbound Ravager's price still has room to grow.

Last but not least we have Krark's Thumb, with the coin flipping payoff shooting up 62% to $42. While it's unlikely a coin flip deck becomes a real thing in Modern, Yusri, Fortune's Flame offers the archetype a very powerful and interesting new commander. If you're going to build around something like Yusri, Fortune's Flame, Krark's Thumb will likely be the first card you add to your deck, increasing demand and driving up the price. The big lesson here is that when you see a card with a unique effect, even if it only works with an extremely narrow tribe or mechanic, it's probably worth buying, or at least holding onto, because in a world where Wizards prints a ton of cards for Commander, it will likely get support eventually. 

Nyxbloom PUNCH! | Commander Clash Moment #18

Fish Five-0: Prismari Tempo (Standard)

There's no kill like overkill. Read more

Prismari Students, this one is for you! We're going to be piloting a sweet tempo deck through the Standard ladder! Read more

Single Scoop: Mono Black Discard (Historic, Magic Arena)

Exclusive Modern Horizons 2 Preview: What if Warp World Was Free?

Which card? Dis-card! Its time for some Mono Black Discard in Historic. Read more

Thanks to Wizards we've got a spicy Modern Horizons 2 preview for you today that combines together two of my favorite cards: Restore Balance and Warp World. Meet Glimpse of Tomorrow! Read more

This Week in Legacy: Horizontally Speaking

Vintage 101: The Grief of Love Persevering

Joe Dyer starts diving into Modern Horizons 2 with some spicy spoilers! Read more

Joe Dyer starts into Modern Horizons 2 for Vintage! Read more

Against the Odds: Dragon's Approach (Modern)

What are the odds of winning with Dragon's Approach in Modern? Let's find out!Read more

Single Scoop: Luminous Lives (Historic, Magic Arena)

Commander Clash: Viewer Submitted Decks | S10 E17

Looking for a combo deck to play in Historic now that Thassa's Oracle is gone? Well, this is nowhere near that power level but it's twice the fun. Read more

The crew pilots decks submitted by you, the viewers! Read more

Much Abrew: Legacy Madness

The Fish Tank: Sweet and Spicy Viewer Decks (May 23-29, 2021)

SaffronOlive's gone mad for Legacy. Literally. Read more

What interesting decks did viewers submit this week? Let's see! Read more

Historic 101: Indomitable Prismari

Podcast 330: It Seems Fair

TheAsianAvenger pilots a pretty sweet combo/control deck through historic! Thanks to some sweet new cards, The Locust God based combo can be more consistent! Read more

The crew discusses Modern Horizons 2 and Forgotten Realms spoilers, Thassa's Oracle being banned in Historic and answers #MTGFishmail. Read more

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