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Fish Five-0: Prismari Tempo (Standard)

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The deck is built on the back of a ton of cheap spells in order to pump out some sweet threats like Sprite Dragon or Stormwing Entity!

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With so many cheap spells, we can make a pretty massive threat that will close out a game if left alone. The deck is packed with sweet cards like Crash Through and Expressive Iteration. Both cards serve as cheap ways for us to filter through our deck so that there's always gas in the tank! We've also got burn spells like Shock and Bonecrusher Giant as our removal or reach to close out games. The deck definitely requires tight plays as our engine isn't as powerful as something like Rogues and we can't really out grind the adventure decks so we have to make every play and burn spell count as we don't have a card that catches us up if we're too far behind.

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The deck is a playstyle that has been near and dear to me but unfortunately, the Prismari aren't able to keep up with the Yorion decks. Those decks have way too many value spells and we don't have enough ways to out last. The deck could definitely use more counterspells. I think running more negates and potentially even Unsubstantiate could help? Either way, the deck does what we set out to do but the card qualities might not be strong enough yet. However, I think there is definitely a Prismari Tempo deck out there. I just need to work the list a bit more!

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