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Single Scoop: Luminous Lives (Historic, Magic Arena)

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We haven't played this deck since Solemnity's arrival to historic and I wanted to see if I could update the deck with Strixhaven and Mystical Archives!

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As you know, we're all about trying to get Solemnity on board with Luminous Broodmoth. As Solemnity will prevent our creature from getting the flying counter, that means we can constantly return stuff to the battlefield. This brings up the third combo piece!...

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Fanatical Firebrand can ping our opponents into the ground. It's a slow process with a lot of clicks, but it is satisfying. The other card we can win with is Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger. The card will constantly sac itself and cause our opponents to lose three life until they're dead! Since we're also using Solemnity, we may as well throw in another cute combo in Nine Lives. With Nine Lives, we're hoping we can just survive long enough and ignore our opponent's aggression! 

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Thanks to the Mystical Archives, we get to have one of the best filtering spells in Historic! Faithless Looting allows us to dig for cheap and fill our yard up nicely in the event we're ever in need of the Kroxa attack plan. Teferi's Protection is really there to help us go invulnerable for a turn as the deck often felt like it was a turn away from closing out a game.


The deck is pretty greedy and is loaded with a ton of combo pieces and not a ton of interaction. If I were to legitimately play this deck, I would have to remove some of the filtering spells and go a little heavier on interaction. However, I feel like the nature of the combo is so clunky and takes up so many deck slots, we may as well go full-greed. I had also forgotten that Narset, Parter of Veils is a big no-no for us so we should pack more ways to deal with a Narset in the event she's cast on us. Hope you enjoyed the video and the deck. Its a lot of fun when you get to go off.

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