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Weekly Update (Mar 28): #KHMChamps Decklists

Strixhaven: School of Mages Previews

Strixhaven preview season is officially underway, with this week showcasing new planeswalkers, the entire Mystical Archive including its alternate Japanese versions, and the face cards of the Commander 2021 decks.Be sure to check out all the latest previews over at

Kaldheim Championship Top 8 Decklists

Top 8 Standard and Historic decklists from the Kaldheim Championship!Read more

Budget Magic: $90 Simic Snow Stompy (Modern)

How good can snow be in Modern on a budget? Let's try to stomp our opponents with Abominable Treefolk and Conifer Wurm to find out!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Hexdrinker Chain of Smog Sliver Hivelord

This week in the world of finance, the biggest gainer was Hexdrinker. While the one-drop has been seeing an increasing amount of play in Legacy and Modern, jumping 231% to nearly $28 is a bit of a surprise. This said, most cards from Modern Horizons are trending up with the set as a whole gaining about 13% in the past week. This is likely due to a bunch of different factors. The return of paper Magic is getting closer and closers, which is a good thing for paper Modern cards, it's been nearly two years since the release of Modern Horizons so the set is no longer being opened, capping supply, and Modern Horizons II is on the horizon, which should drive interest in the format. Is there are cards from the original Modern Horizons that you need it might be wise to pick them up soon, barring some surprise reprints in Modern Horizons II the playable cards from the set are likely to keep rising in price.

Meanwhile, we're also in the middle of Strixhaven spoilers, and the set is already having an impact on prices. Chain of Smog - a forgotten bulk uncommon from Onslaught - jumped from pennies to $23 as an infinite combo piece for the new Magecraft mechanic. The idea is that you can use Chain of Smog to target yourself an infinite number of times. Because Magecraft triggers when you cast or copy a spell, this will trigger your Magecraft effects an infinite number of times, with means if you have a Professor Onyx (borderless) or Witherbloom Apprentice on the battlefield you'll win the game on the spot, potentially as early as turn two with the help of some fast mana. Typically with these spoiler-based spikes card prices trend back down after a few weeks or months but not to anywhere near their old price; the days of Chain of Smog being a bulk uncommon are over.

Finally, Slivers are on the rise thanks to Time Spiral Remastered shining a new light on the tribe. Sliver Hivelord more than double in price on th week to nearly $43, Galerider Sliver doubled up to $21 and Syphon Sliver increased 55% to $17 as players build the tribe in Commander thanks to Time Spiral Remastered dropping the price of some popular and powerful Slivers. The good news is that all of these cards are reprintable, and Slivers are so popular we'll certainly get another Sliver set in the future. In the meantime, expect to pay more to finisher your Commander Sliver deck, and if you have Slivers you aren't using, it might be worth selling or trading them away now while prices are high. 

Commander Clash Moment #11: Oops, All Mill

This Week in Legacy: Brewing, Brewing, Brewing!

What are the odds? Read more

Joe Dyer talks about the concepts of brewing in Legacy! Read more

Single Scoop: Mono Black Enchantments (Historic, Magic Arena)

Against the Odds: Collected Conjuring (Modern)

The enchantments black has access to can sure add up over time and it only gets sweeter with Torment of Scarabs! Read more

What are the odds of winning with Collected Conjuring in Modern? Let's find out! Read more

Vintage 101: Faster Than Fastbond

Historic 101: A Pact For Jund

Joe Dyer takes a look at where Fastbond decks could be hiding in this current Vintage climate. Read more

TheAsianAvenger has a harmless Jund deck that could be quite fun to try out in the Historic meta! Read more

Attack of the Jank Birds | Commander Abridged Gameplay

Behold, the power of Fledgling Osprey!Read more

Commander Clash S10 E8: 2v2! | Friendship Week

Much Abrew: Mono-White Legends (w/ special guest Mana Tithe) | Modern

The crew splits into teams: Crim & Tomer vs. Seth & Richard! Read more

There's an unwritten rule that if we see a Mana Tithe deck, we have to play it, so today, we're going to try to get some Modern opponents with Mana Tithe in Mono-White Legends! Read more

Modern Mayhem: Faerie Awesome

The Fish Tank: Sweet and Spicy Viewer Decks (March 21-28, 2021)

With the Modern landscape looking quite Fair, it's time to try out the Fae-rest of them all! Read more

What interesting decks did viewers submit this week? Let's find out! Read more

Strixhaven Mystic Archives: Historic Tier List

Podcast 321: MTGFinance in 2021 & STX Planeswalkers

What Mystic Archives are going to shake up Historic? Which are going to flop? Let's discuss! Read more

The crew discusses how MTGFinance has changed over the past few years, whether Wizards is reprinting cards effectively and often enough a... Read more

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