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Modern Mayhem: Faerie Awesome

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The Modern meta is at a point where a deck like Faeries is more than playable! We're the perfect mixture of counterspells and threats as all of our creatures have flash and flying!

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For quite some time, Modern has been filled with one to two CMC spells. Spellstutter Sprite shines in those situations. The best part is how many spells it counters against Death's Shadow and Living End decks, which are extremely popular right now. Of course, Spellstutter only gets better with Bitterblossom. Ah yes, my favorite Faerie generator. The card still holds strong in 2021 and is the absolute best thing we could do on turn two. Brazen Borrower is one of the absolute best cards the archetype has gotten in years and thrives in the deck! The ability to bounce a key permanent in Modern is already powerful, but to be attached to a 3/1 Flying Faerie on top of that is enough to have us jumping with joy. We still suffer in the matchups that you'd expect like Tron and decks that can go extremely wide as we aren't very good at catching up once we've fallen too far behind. The best way for us to catch up probably starts with Cryptic Command and Fallen Shinobi.

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Cryptic Command doesn't need an introduction and the card is still amazing without the Mystic Sanctuary lock! Our late game creature is one of my favorite cards from Modern Horizons, Fallen Shinobi.  We usually flood the board with a bunch of flying 1/1s with evasion, which usually leads to some pretty easy Ninjitsu hits. Obviously, Shinobi isn't great against a deck like Affinity but with decks like Jund or Tron, the possibilities to just end the game by connecting a single time are high since the power level of spells in Modern is so darn high. The cherry on top is that it's able to return something like Spellstutter Sprite or Brazen Borrower to our hand to get even more value! 


The format is in a great spot where a deck like Faeries can thrive, but the deck is extremely skill-intensive where every minor play could be the difference between a win and a loss. The one thing about the deck is that there aren't any easy wins so you'll have to work hard for every match up but the deck rewards patience and feels amazing after every match. If you're a fan of the Dimir tempo/flash playstyle, this is definitely the deck for you. The deck feels quite tuned for Modern but I tried out a card like Blightbeetle to stop the Heliod decks. I have to imagine that deck has a pretty rough time killing our beetle outside of a Path to Exile which we can hopefully counter! I'd also like to try Crippling Fear and more ways to beat cards like Wrenn and Six. The cheap walkers out of Jund are rough for us so maybe more copies of Eliminate could be worth it in the Sideboard! The good news is that the tools definitely exist in Dimir to fight the meta so it's time to get back to the drawing board! Definitely recommend this deck so take it for a spin.

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