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Commander Clash S10 E8: 2v2! | Friendship Week

We're changing the fundamental rules of Commander for this game: instead of the usually 4-Player FFA, we're playing a game of 2v2! It's Crim & I versus Seth & Richard!

Since Magic Online doesn't officially support 2v2 or 2HG rules, we're forced to play in a regular 4-Player FFA match but with specific rules that we'll keep track of:

  • A team loses once both team members are eliminated
  • Cards that require choosing an opponent (e.g. Fact or Fiction) must target a person on the other team

Pretty simple! Let's see what we've got:

Team A vs. Team B! Who will win? Find out now on Commander Clash! But first, a quick reminder: if you like Commander Clash and other video content here on MTGGoldfish, make sure to subscribe to the MTGGoldfish Youtube Channel to keep up with the latest and greatest.

Crim's Deck (Riku)

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Richard's Deck (Jared)

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Seth's Deck (Angus)

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Tomer's Deck (Riku)

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New Season House Bans

In addition to the official Commander ban list, we have a collection of house bans. This list changes with each season. For Season 10 we started with a clean slate and banned cards based on three loose criteria:

  1. Cards that were played too much last season.
  2. Cards that regularly caused games to revolve around them.
  3. Cards that are far out of the budget of the average viewer.

With this in mind, here is our new ban list for Season 10:

So this is a major shakeup to our ban list. A lot of Commander Clash staples like Smothering Tithe, Rhystic Study, and Dockside Extortionist are out, and there no longer will be the threat of Notion Thief + Windfalls that dominated conversations. 

However, there are some notable unbans: expensive cards like Wheel of Fortune are now allowed (for now). Plus for the first time in a long time, fast mana like Sol Ring is back on the table!

Our house bans are meant to encourage more entertaining games for you, the viewers, so let us know what you think of the new ban list! We'll be following all the feedback from the early episodes to see how you all are enjoying it.

What Are You Playing On?

We're playing Commander on a program called Magic Online. If you're interested in Magic Online then check out my guide to the program over here!

Next Week: Colorshifted Week!

Time Spiral block did a lot of bold things, one of which being intentionally color-shifting classic cards to colors that normally wouldn't have access to such things, such as shifting Concentrate into Green to become the well-known Commander card Harmonize. Green getting good card draw, what a wild concept!

So with the release of Time Spiral Remastered we thought it'd be fun to explore that color-shifted theme again by brewing decks built around archetypes that the color is not known to support! Tune in next week to see what we came up with!

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