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Modern Mayhem: Dancin' in The Moonlight (Modern, Magic Online)

Its almost my favorite month so lets start celebrating Halloween a month early. I plan on doing all the spooky and scary tribes as we get closer and closer to October so be ready for some of that. Yes, that means a lot of tribal, but how else would we celebrate the best month?

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 Let's start with this howlin' good time of a deck!


We're still an aggressive deck as we're loaded with an ample amount of one drops that all become bigger if the opponent doesn't cast spells. Much like Merfolk and other tribal decks, we just try to flood the board until we can hit one of our wolf lords

Lord Effects

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Outside of Immerwolf, we also have Mayor of Avabruck. The best thing about Immerwolf is that it prevents our flipped werewolves from transforming back in the event that an opponent or you fire off a ton of spells. It is a little unfortunate that the wolf tribe doesn't have something like a lord that could give forest or swamp walk. One of the newer additions to this deck will be a different lord!

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Nightpack Ambusher does come in at a higher cost but has flash and can produce an army on its own. It also rewards us for not casting spells as it provides us with a fresh new wolf which synergizes quite well when looking at how our other werewolves want to flip! 

Value Cards

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Duskwatch Recruiter is a card that allows us to dig and allow us to refill our hand. If it flips, we then get all of our four drops at a cheaper cost which isn't bad either but I would say the front side is more valuable for us. Silverfur Partisan makes spot removal bad as it leaves something behind. I might look to adding more ways to protect our wolves like Veil of Summer this way we can continue to get value off of our furry friend!


Although this deck may not be favored against a ton of the field as we're not the fastest deck nor are we really looking to play the long game, it is fun as we can use Moonmist as a combat trick which can sweep opposing boards or just be lethal. I think our worst match up might be Whirza or Azorius control as Whirza can just go off and Azorius only needs to sweep our board once or twice to send us packing. I did try to mitigate the blow out of a few key board wipes with cards like Vivien, Champion of the Wilds. I really like Vivien as we get to play at flash speed and because she can help us dig for more threats. 

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We also have other ways to protect our board with cards like Full Moon's Rise

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The card does pump our team +1/+0 and gives us Trample which isn't bad but the main reason I like this card is it helps us against cards like Supreme Verdict which is the most common sweeper you'd see as we can regenerate all of our wolves. Unless Wrath of God and other sweepers that prevent us from regenerating, we should be okay. It is also nice to just protect some key wolves with a regeneration shield so I definitely can't see me playing this deck without a few copies of this.


The deck feels a little too underpowered for modern but I think I will return with a new and improved list once #MTGEldraine comes out as I think we can turn this into a more midrange deck as opposed to an all-in aggro deck. Obviously there are better cards but I wanted to stay on theme with Werewolves. I seriously want a new Werewolf/Wolf lord effect that gives some kind of land walk like Lord of Atlantis does for Merfolk. Either way, we ended with a respectable record of 2-3. It felt amazing to steal some games from opponents!

Thanks for watching and I'll see you at the next one!

Awoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (my attempt at a howl)

-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

Twitter: @TheAsianAvenger || Twitch: || Email:

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