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Modern Mayhem: The Inverter Combo

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For those that haven't seen in a while, the combo of Inverter of Truth and Thassa's Oracle or Jace, Wielder of Mysteries is a win on the spot situation. 

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The combo requires us to empty out our graveyard for when we exile our library as we'll want to pretty much win through a Jace activation or Thassa's Oracle. In Pioneer you normally would've used Dig Through Time to clear out your own graveyard but now we have Murktide Regent which will serve as proxy. It also allows us to use Murktide as a way to apply pressure and beat down our opponents.

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The deck is extremely soft to control right now as most of the control decks have Dovin's Veto and Teferi, Time Raveler to shut down our interaction so try to play around those as best you can. Otherwise, this deck should be able to beat most of the aggro and fair decks running around.

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