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Modern Mayhem: Footsteps Reanimator

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This was a list piloted by Dave_AustinTX to a clean 5-0. The deck relies on Footsteps of the Goryo and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth + Cabal Coffers to cast it's big bombs.

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Now, I'm sure you're asking why Footsteps of the Goryo over another reanimation spell and if I'm being honest, I have to imagine its because of the Exile clause of cards like Goryo's Vengeance. This allows us to get the value off of Sundering Titan twice. With Urborg out, everything is a swamp so you can pick off a ton of your opponent's lands. A card that really helps the deck is Bone Shards as its a cheap way to pitch the bombs in our hands and pick off problematic things for a cheap cost.


The use of Footsteps still feels a bit too fair for Modern but I do think there's a sweet reanimator deck out there. Maybe this deck could try a few copies of Persist as we don't really run any legendary creatures except Gyruda, Doom of Depths and Griselbrand. Either way, back to the drawing board!

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