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modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Sultai Tempo (Modern, Magic Online)

Jun 24 // by TheAsianAvenger

TheAsianAvenger will try to infiltrate his way through a league this week!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Esper Shadow (Modern, Magic Online)

Jun 17 // by TheAsianAvenger

Death's Shadow got some new cards from #MTGMH1 that TheAsianAvenger wants to try!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Infect (Modern, Magic Online)

Jun 10 // by TheAsianAvenger

Is Infect making an attempt at being a top tier deck again? Find out!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Eldrazi Tron (Modern, Magic Online)

May 28 // by TheAsianAvenger

TheAsianAvenger sees what the buzz is all about for Karn, the Great Creator!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Orzhov Superfriends (Modern, Magic Online)

May 20 // by TheAsianAvenger

With all of the superfriends running around in standard, how would an Orzhov Version do in Modern? Let's find out!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: 10 Rack (Modern, Magic Online)

May 13 // by TheAsianAvenger

Which card? Dissss-Card! Come join TheAsianAvenger as he plays 10 Rack in Modern!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Esper Control (Modern, Magic Online)

May 06 // by TheAsianAvenger

Crim adds some #MTGWAR touches to Esper Control in Modern!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Sultai Midrange (Modern, Magic Online)

Apr 15 // by TheAsianAvenger

Thief of Sanity? In Modern? Well...why not?!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Selesnya Prison (Modern, Magic Online)

Apr 09 // by TheAsianAvenger

Blowing up lands? White has a counterspell? This all sound interesting? If so, make sure you watch TheAsianAvenger learn Selesnya Prison!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Dimir Faeries (Modern, Magic Online)

Mar 25 // by TheAsianAvenger

TheAsianAvenger reminisces on his fae-days this week!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Naya Nahiri (Modern, Magic Online)

Mar 11 // by TheAsianAvenger

All Hail the Spaghetti God! Let's see if the buddy cop combo of Nahiri and Emrakul can take down a modern league!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: GlubGlubGlub (Modern, Magic Online)

Mar 04 // by TheAsianAvenger

Where did all the fish decks go? Let's see if the deck can still hang with the 2019 Modern meta!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Esperits (Modern, Magic Online)

Feb 25 // by TheAsianAvenger

We all know how spooky Spirits are in Modern but what if we add black instead of green?

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Free Win Red! (Modern, Magic Online)

Feb 18 // by TheAsianAvenger

TheAsianAvenger has foreseen an early Blood Moon in our opponent's day. Come see why!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Izzet Wizards? (Modern, Magic Online)

Feb 11 // by TheAsianAvenger

Izzet Wizards or Izzet Not? TheAsianAvenger helps answer the age-old question.

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Goblins!!! (Modern, Magic Online)

Feb 04 // by TheAsianAvenger

Wait a minute? Are those goblins!? They sure are! Join TheAsianAvenger as he jams some goblins through an MTGO league!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Living Dominance (Modern, Magic Online)

Jan 28 // by TheAsianAvenger

Electrodominance has found it's way into a Modern deck already. Let's see if Living Dominance is able to keep up with Modern!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem: Dimir Mill (Modern, Magic Online)

Jan 21 // by TheAsianAvenger

Modern Mayhem is back and this time with a ton of Milling!

modern mayhem

Modern Mayhem : Esper Control (Modern, Magic Online)

Jan 14 // by TheAsianAvenger

Welcome to TheAsianAvenger's first Modern series and solo MTGO series! Grab a cup of your preferred beverage and let's play some Modern!

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