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Modern Mayhem: Mardu is The New Jund!

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For Years Mardu was a color pair that many would try to make happen but would often fall short because of the powerful things in green. However, with the recent power bump in red, it's entirely possible green isn't needed anymore for a solid midrange gameplan. We're pretty much a Rakdos deck splashing white!

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With that in mind, we decided we'd play white as the answers are needed especially when we've started to see more Sanctifier en-Vec out of sideboards! Playing white gives us a clean answer to this hard-to-answer threat thanks to one of the sweetest new removal spells in Modern, Prismatic Ending. On top of that, we get access to Kaya's Guile a card I've been in love with since it's release. The card is so versatile and the perfect answer to many things in modern right now.  Not only does white give us powerful answers for our main deck, it gives us versatile sideboard hate for Blood Moon that is currently running rampant in the meta.

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The deck is pretty solid but still needs a little bit of help against the Izzet tempo decks as they're able to attack us from multiple angles and have the best answers. I also think the manabase could use some help and might need a Sacred Foundry to fix our colors. I feel we need more things that also wreck the free spells deck as our clocks just aren't fast enough to close. I could see Deafening Silence as a way to help with the cascade match up and it's a card we can play again with Lurrus! I think Mardu can definitely be the new direction for midrange except we lose out on Wrenn and Six. I guess we'll just have to see if the loss matters moving forward! 

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