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Modern Mayhem: Demigod Red

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So ajl99 piloted this deck to a 5-0 and I fell in love. It plays all the cards I haven't seen in forever and it's honestly a welcomed sight!

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It has Boros Reckoner and Eternal Scourge, which is just something I haven't seen in forever. When you think about Reckoner, it is pretty sweet in a format where the primary removal spells are Lightning Bolt, Unholy Heat, and other forms of burn. This means Reckoner can punish opponents for burning our Minotaur. The list also runs a Blasphemous Act and that brings an ear-to-ear smile as the dream is to get 13 damage to an opponent's face. On top of that, it plays Eternal Scourge which pairs quite nicely with the main deck graveyard hate in Relic of Progenitus as we're able to hate out graveyards and exile our 3/3 threat! 

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The biggest thing that made me try the list out was Demigod of Revenge. If you haven't played this or played against it, nothing feels better than surprising your opponents with a potential 10 damage in the air! The card grabs all of the fallen Demigods in our graveyard whenever we cast one. This allows us to jam them into counterspells and nonexile removal without worrying as they will return!


It felt so good seeing the deck bring back multiple Demigods and smacking the opponent for a ton of life. The only thing I'm concerned with is the Golgari Yawgmoth, Thran Physician decks. The relics are in an awkward place where they can respond by sacrificing the creature and repeating the loop over again in response to you cracking the Relic. So maybe some form of pure graveyard hate will be good. I also worry about how well our deck does against Elementals and anything packing a billion exile effects. Regardless, Blood Moon and a bunch of Demigod of Revenge will just get there sometime, so the deck is fun regardless!

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