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Weekly Update (Nov 15): CMR Precon Deck Upgrades

"Reap the Tide" Commander Legends Precon Upgrade | $20, $200 | Landfall | Sea Monsters

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"Arm for Battle" Commander Legends Precon Upgrade | $20, $200 | Auras | Equipment

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Budget Magic: $50 Big Red (Standard)

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Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Teferi's Veil Vampiric Tutor Auriok Champion

This week, once again, most of our finance news is attached to Commander Legends in one way or another. The biggest winner was Teferi's Veil, which jumped from under $1 to over $3 thanks to its ability to combo with Araumi of the Dead Tide. The idea is that you can use Araumi of the Dead Tide to encore a creature from the graveyard, make a bunch of token copies and then Teferi's Veil will phase them out at the end of combat, which allows them to come back into play the following turn, avoiding the "sacrifice them at the beginning of the next end step" aspect of encore. For more on Araumi make sure to check out Tomer's spoiler article for the new legend.

While Commander Legends has a bunch of sweet new cards, perhaps more important from a finance perspective are the reprints. Cards like Vampiric Tutor and Mana Drain are already close to half of their pre-reprint price, while both Rings of Brighthearth and Staff of Domination are currently under $10 after being over $50 just a couple of weeks ago. If you've been waiting for a chance to pick up these cards on the cheap, get them in the not-too-distant future. As we saw with Double Masters this summer, when Commander staples are reprinted they typically hit their floor fairly quickly and then start increasing in price, which makes the window for getting a discount shorter than non-Commander cards. 

Finally in Modern, Auriok Champion is on the rise, increasing 33% on the week to $20-$25 depending on the version. Why is the two-drop suddenly increasing in price? The answer is pretty simple: after mostly being a fringe card in Modern Auriok Champion is currently the 5th most played creature in the Modern format, in part because Skyclave Apparition has lead to a resurgence of white-base creature decks and in part because decks like Rakdos Death's Shadow, Mono-Red Blitz, Jund and Mono-Red Aggro are near the top of the meta, making protection from red and black extremely relevant in the current meta. This has happened in the past, and normally Auriok Champion trends back down towards $10 once the metagame shifts. While there isn't an direct budget substitute for Auriok Champion, if you're not interesting in buying Auriok Champion at its current high price Kor Firewalker can give you a rough approximation (although much weaker to decks like Death's Shadow since it lacks protection from black) for under $0.50 a copy.

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Against the Odds: Five-Color Colorless Door to Nothingness (Modern)

Vintage 101: Season Three Showcase Challenge Number Two

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Kaladesh Remastered Crafting Tier List

Pioneer Peak: Going Rogue pt. 2

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Much Abrew: Changeling Party (Modern)

Fish Five-0: Big Boros

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Commander Clash S9 E18: CHAOS! | Pramikon vs. Ruhan vs. Zedruu vs. Kraum & Vial Smasher

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Jank or Dank? 61-Card No-Sideboard Knights (Standard)

Podcast 302: How Good is Commander Legends?

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