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From Core 2020 to Core 2021: A Standard Retrospective

Aug 10 // by Niuttuc

2020 has been a rough year for Standard. Niuttuc goes back through it to see how the metagame evolved through turbulent waters.


War of the Spark Trailer: What We See, What We Learn

Apr 03 // by Niuttuc

Niuttuc delves into the layers and references going into the second War of the Spark trailer and the story it tells.


The Machinations of Nicol Bolas, Part 1: History of a Tyrant

Jan 15 // by Niuttuc

In this first instalment of a two part series, Joe Dyer and Niuttuc delve into Magic's decades of story on Nicol Bolas, to try and predict the events of the next set in the second part.