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Weekly Update (Jan 26): Theros: Beyond Death Top 10s

Budget Magic: $59 (48 tix) Izzet Scissors (Pioneer, Magic Online)

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Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Heliod, Sun-Crowned Starfield of Nyx Sacred Guide

The biggest finance news of the week is the release of Theros: Beyond Death in the paper world, which means that prices of cards in the set — even chase cards — are dropping quickly. In fact, with the exception of Dream Trawler which ticked up slightly, every rare and mythic in the set is worth less today than it was a week ago, with Gods like Heliod, Sun-Crowned (down 36% to $15) and Purphoros, Bronze-Blooded (down 44% to $4.41) leading the way. Altogether, this amounts to an 18% decrease in the value of the set as a whole. Expect the trend to continue over the new few weeks, although as we start having big paper tournaments, some breakout cards will likely buck the trend and increase in value. 

Meanwhile in Pioneer, Theros: Beyond Death is having an impact as well, with Starfield of Nyx (up 25% to just over $10) leading the way as the bigger winner of the week. Starfield of Nyx is extremely synergistic with Sagas, allowing you to keep reusing cards like History of Benalia and Elspeth Conquers Death by continually returning them from the graveyard to generate a huge amount of value. At this point, the archetype is still in its infancy, but there have been a handful of Starfield of Nyx decks to post 5-0 finishes on Magic Online recently, and it might be that getting a bunch of new Theros: Beyond Death enchantments will put the archetype over the top. This coming weekend marks the first Pioneer Players Tour event, so keep an eye on the results and expect some meaningful price swings as the format finally gets its chance to shine in the paper world.

Finally, we have Sacred Guide. The weird old tempest rare increased about 800% on the week from bulk to $4.50 based on its potential to combo with Thassa's Oracle, most likely in some weird Commander deck. In theory, if you have no other white cards in your deck, Sacred Guide is a one-mana creature that allows you to exile your entire library for just two mana. Of course, this plan comes with a fairly harsh deckbuilding restriction that you need white mana in your deck but can't play white cards apart from a singleton Sacred Guide, which means it might be something that looks better on paper than it works in practice. Speaking of Thassa's Oracle, there have been some rumblings about a broken Pioneer deck built around it and Inverter of Truth. If it does exist we'll probably find out next weekend during the Players Tour event, and Inverter of Truth could end up a lot more expensive than it is today. The Oath of the Gatewatch mythic already went from bulk to $5 on Magic Online, although in paper it's still just $1.24.

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The Fish Tank: Theros: Beyond Death Edition (Jan. 21-28, 2020)

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Pioneer Peak: Kroxis, Titan of Fun (Pioneer, Magic Online)

Podcast 260: Theros: Beyond Death Standard and Limited

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