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Modern Mayhem: Modern Inverter (Modern, Magic Online)

We've seen Inverter of Truth dominate the Pioneer meta and often get called the new "Splinter Twin" deck. If that's true then maybe the deck could work in Modern? The original list was posted by the great Yuta Takahashi who I actually had the privilege to play against at a side event during MC London (Great match if you're reading this!).


The list originally had 66 cards and whatnot so this is more of my take on the list and attempt to trim the deck down to 60 cards and fill in the blanks of the sideboard! This video will be the first time I've gotten to take the deck into a league so here is the running list...

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The deck sort of plays like control while we wait to slowly assemble the pieces of our combo. What is our combo?

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

We try to set up our turns and our graveyard to exile our entire deck and then try to win through some Laboratory Maniac finish between Thassa's Oracle and Jace, Wielder of Mysteries after our library has been emptied for some serious "Deck Thinning" (@SaffronOlive). Before anyone asks, "why not just play Laboratory Maniac itself," Jace's addition to our Devotion and its card draw is huge even if it comes at a steeper cost. Another thing about Modern is with the mana base and how many fetchlands there are, Modern is said to be a fifteen life format and if that's true, then Inverter of Truth can just win through damage! 

What does the deck get in Modern?

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

We gain some sweet spells and creatures in Modern as in Pioneer, but we get Serum Visions which can really help with the Scry 2. We also get more wonderful disruption at a cheaper cost in Inquisition of Kozilek whereas in Pioneer, we have Thoughtseize and Thought Erasure. Snapcaster Mage is an obvious staple in blue decks but in this deck, the fact that flashback exiles the card, it keeps our graveyard thin for later! I myself am a lover of Cryptic Command but ever since Veil of Summer, this card has been scary to cast so I trimmed the number since the original list.

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

Some other sweet cards are Liliana, of the Veil to keep our opponents low on cards and because Liliana is just a good card along with Jace, the Mind Sculptor. JTMS allowing us to dig deeper into our deck with the Brainstorm ability is beautiful and it doesn't hurt that it's more devotion!

Another thing to note with Modern is the absence of a certain powerful card...

$ 0.00 $ 0.00

We can see how powerful the deck is for Modern and how it functions when it doesn't have this powerful spell. Dig Through Time is more than just a way to draw cards, it's also a way to make sure when Inverter of Truth hits the board, we aren't loaded to the brim with cards in our graveyard as Modern cards are very cheap and will often leave us with 10+ cards in our graveyard. It's because of this I can appreciate cards like Murderous Cut and Tasigur, the Golden Fang.



The deck finished with a 2-3 record and suffered in the ways I thought it would as some decks were too fast and too efficient at disrupting us in this format as we got bodied by the Red Prowess and Grixis Control deck. Another issue we had was the lack of Delve cards and not enough control on the gamestate/board. I think moving forward, if we're looking to try an Inverter deck, we should play more cards like Logic Knot as it's a counterspell that can eat our whole yard up. I would also like to play a more controlling list like this...

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I know I've been away from Modern but after playing a ton of Pioneer and Standard, there are still some things that I've missed in Modern like Shadow of Doubt and Jace, the Mind Sculptor so it felt good to take a peek into the leagues!

If you ever have a deck you want to be made into a video feel free to leave a like, comment, Email, and subscribe to the MTGGoldfish Youtube Channel 

-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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