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Modern Mayhem: DiMill 3: Tokyo Drift

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The last time we played Mill, we didn't have a great finish. I've also been away from modern but it's so nice to come back to see a card like Ruin Crab!

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This is the perfect thing for mill decks as we now have a ton of one-drops to play with fetch lands. The biggest issue I had before was the games where we didn't have an early Hedron Crab, but our prayers have been answered! The curve of a crab into something like Mesmeric Orb is absolutely disgusting as every action our opponents take will mill them a card. It may not seem like much but the mills quickly start adding up. With the help of Surgical Extraction and Archive Trap, we have so many ways to dunk on our opponent's game plan. Either by throwing most of their deck away or just extracting the card and being done with it once and for all. Of course, we still suffer against hyper aggression like burn but we just hope to dodge those matchups. You could almost say we're like a blue burn deck but instead of burning our opponents out from 20 life, we burn them from 60!


If you would've asked me about 2 years ago how good Mill was, I'd say its a pipe dream but its entirely possible to be a MILL-ionaire! I think the deck is definitely viable right now and most importantly, it's a ton of fun. We're still slightly unfavored against something like Burn or some kind of aggro deck. I'm thinking about adding either more sweepers or spot removal like Collective Brutality as we often lacked interaction with the "go wide" gameplan. 

Once again, Modern continues to be the most fun 60 card format right now! Thanks for watching the Modern content and I'll see you at the next one.

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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