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Modern Mayhem: Simic Fish

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With all of the new Merfolk printed in Modern Horizons 2, I was really excited to get our fish friends in a league!

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Tide Shaper is here to give us a body on top of getting a Spreading Seas effect to hopefully mess with our opponent's mana base and to take advantage of our Lord of Atlantis' Islandwalk. By now you've seen this strategy but with the help of Svyelun, we'll also have a draw engine with a resilient threat. It doesn't give itself ward but it sure does protect all of our other merfolk! As long as we've got two other merfolk, Svyelun is indestructible thus dodging cards like Fatal Push and Lightning Bolt!

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If you're unfamiliar, Chalice of the Void in the main deck is here to help stop things like Living End and more free spells. On top of that, our deck isn't that heavy on one drops so putting this on one could shut off a ton of removal like Path to Exile, Fatal Push, and etc!


The deck's new tools are super sweet for Merfolk but I think the tribe is still a few pieces away before returning to its better days! This list piloted in the video could use more ways to deal with creatures and maybe that's where cards like Suspend or Resculpt can come in. Its a fun deck for all the fish lovers out there but the deck feels too fair for what is going on in 2021 Modern!

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