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Modern Mayhem: 5C Tribal Zoo

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The 5C Zoo deck got a big boost from Modern Horizons 2. The batch of one drops that Zoo got from MH2 is absurd. Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer and Ignoble Hierarch single handedly kick the deck up a few tiers.

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By now, there's not much that needs to be said about Ragavan but in this deck, it's even better from all the Exalted triggers it can get from our Hierarchs. On top of that, this card will be what saves us against a Blood Moon. Speaking of saving us from Blood Moon, Ignoble Hierarch helps us cast our spells in multiple ways. The ability to add red is huge as it allows us to cast Mantis Rider and more a lot easier. This also means we're at a critical mass of one drops so we'll often have a turn one mana dork in one way or another. Most of our turns will be spent planning our next two to three turns as fetching an incorrect land will be the difference between us winning and losing. It seems funny to think about it but our mana is where most of our decisions will be. I'm not sure if my mana base is correct but I spent most of my day trying to figure out how many lands and which triomes we'd play. All of this is because Domain is back in MH2!

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Territorial Kavu is a card I wasn't too high on until I played with it. It's quite often a 5/5 for two mana with even more upside. The abilities stapled to the card don't seem like much but being able to filter through your lands and hopefully draw something better is big for an Aggro deck. Not only that but the second ability eating up cards in an opponent's yard will usually end up being what saves your skin in a ton of matches as most modern decks use the graveyard. We also got Scion of Draco to protect all of our multicolored threats. It pairs quite nicely as it gives our Mantis Rider Hexproof and our Territorial Kavu Trample and First Strike. This card is absurd as it is usually just a two-mana 4/4 flier with a silly amount of upside! Of course, both of these cards are liabilities in a format where Blood Moon is popular again. 

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Another card that is amazing is General Ferrous Rokiric. The card doesn't do combat well and is a prime target for cards like Wrenn and Six but with how many multicolored spells we have, we can pop an army out of nowhere! Being able to have this out and casting a card like Bloodbraid Elf or Shardless Agent into another multicolored spell is an amazing feeling. 


I did a test run of the deck and I've found that our worst match up is an Enchantress deck. Their ability to shut off all damage with something like Solitary Confinement is unbeatable for us. Then if you add on all their other shenanigans, it's too hard to keep up with as they've started to go Naya to add Blood Moon. Because of Blood Moon's popularity, it might be worth it to add more Cindervines or Knight of Autumn. I think the Zoo deck can also use some help on the mana numbers. For now, I think the list works very well and is extremely fun to play!

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