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Modern Mayhem: Rakdos Aggro (Modern, Magic Online)

Modern Horizons has definitely made some cards that are amazing but are they as well named as a Skelemental!? This week, let's take a look at a deck piloted by Wildabeast49...

The Deck

At points in the game, we look like a dredge deck or a Hollow One deck but instead we're trying some brand new cards from Modern Horizons like Seasoned Pyromancer and Lightning Skelemental to close out a game! To be completely honest, I don't think anything feels as good as getting people with a surprise Skelemental.

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Hitting them for a potential 6 and making them discard two cards might be one of my favorite things to do. You know what's better than that? Using Unearth to pull it back from the yard and get people again and discard another two.

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Of course, we have the Seasoned Pyromancer to play the grindy game as this card allows us to do looting to dig us to whatever we need next. There will be some turns where we can pitch a Bloodghast or Flamewake Phoenix or any of our other threats only to reanimate them with Unearth and create a wide board.

$ 0.00 $ 0.00


The deck doesn't mulligan too well and is nowhere near Hogaak levels of broken but it is downright a blast to play. I actually bought these cards in paper and am waiting to hit my LGS with this deck as this feels like an extremely fair dredge deck that can catch people off guard. If you're not quite looking for something like Hogaak but still want some sweet graveyard synergies? This deck might be what you're looking for. 

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