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Wekely Update (Jun 16): Chandras from Core Set 2020

Core Set 2020 Previews

Chandra%252c%2bnovice%2bpyromancer%2b%255bm20%255d Chandra%252c%2bacolyte%2bof%2bflame%2b%255bm20%255d Chandra%252c%2bawakened%2binferno%2b%255bm20%255d

We got a little taste of Core Set 2020 this week with the reveal of Chandra planeswalker cards at three different rarities. Previews start in earnest tomorrow (Monday), so be sure to check out for the latest previews and check out the important highlights of the set from SaffronOlive:

The Expected Value of Modern Horizons


How much value should you expect to open from a Modern Horizons booster box? Let's break it down!Read more

War of the Spark Arena "Counters" Primer

Arena war counters primer

Everything you need to win some sweet stained-glass planeswalker card styles in this week's Counters event on Magic Arena!Read more

Play Magic Arena on a Mac with Vectordash

Vectordash featured

Easily play Magic Arena on your Macbook or iMac!Read more

Budget Magic: $89 (2 tix) Creeping Zombies (Standard, Magic Arena)

Creeping%2bzombies f8627d28 75d0 491a b9b3 7257ef977f3f%2ejpg

Can Creeping Chill and a graveyard sub-theme make Zombie tribal work on a budget in War of the Spark Standard?Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Wrenn and Six Ayula, Queen Among Bears Nicol Bolas, the Ravager

This week the biggest finance news is the release of Modern Horizons. We broke down the expected value of the set last week and it looked solid. While prices of cards in the set are on the downswing as boxes are opened and supply hits the market, the total set price has only declined about 5.5% in the past week, which means opening a box is still a fine deal. Over the long term, the short release window between Modern Horizons and Core Set 2020 (for which spoiler season starts officially tomorrow) could mean less Modern Horizons boxes opened and less supply on the market. This could leave the most playable cards in the set being quite expensive a couple of years down the road. If you're looking to pick up singles at a low, sometime around rotation this fall when many players are focused on their standard collection should be a good window.

Meanwhile, thanks to Ayula, Queen Among Bears and hype for Bear Tribal Commander, River Bear — a 9th Edition uncommon — was bought out this week. While Bear Tribal is desperate for just about any tribe member thanks to the relatively small number of good Bears, it's hard to imagine that River Bear can keep its price once people start digging through their bulk and pulling out previously worthless copies that are now more than $6. Buylist prices are still only $0.25, so expect River Bear to normalize in the coming weeks. If you're building Ayula, Queen Among Bears, you'll likely save a bit by waiting to pick up your copies.

Finally, Standard prices are mostly stable this week as players focus on Modern Horizons and look ahead to Core Set 2020 previews. However, it is time to start preparing your collection for rotation this fall. Rotating staples like Nicol Bolas, the Ravager and Vivien Reid are among the biggest losers of the week. If you have cards from Ixalan block, Dominaria, or Core Set 2019 that you don't need, getting rid of them now before prices drop further is a good plan for building up a bit of a nest egg for building a post-rotation deck this fall.

Much Abrew: Karn's Dice Factory (Modern, Magic Online)

Modern Mayhem: Infect (Modern, Magic Online)

Karn dice factory Infect

Is ramping with charge counters, Everflowing Chalice, and Astral Cornucopia the best way to take advantage of Karn, the Great Creator in Modern? Read more

Is Infect making an attempt at being a top tier deck again? Find out! Read more

Modern Horizons: Top 10 Pauper Cards

Modern Horizons: Top 10 Commander Cards

Top10 mh pauper  1 Mh1 top10 commander  1

Armchair joins Seth to discuss the top 10 Modern Horizons cards for the Pauper format! Read more

Tomer joins Seth to break down the best Commander cards from Modern Horizons. Does the set live up to its snarky "Commander Masters" nickname? Let's find out! Read more

Commander Review: Modern Horizons | Part 1 | White, Blue, Black

Urza lord high artificer modern horizons mtg art

Tomer begins his Commander Review of Modern Horizons! Part I. Read more

Against the Odds: Abzan Astral Drift (Modern, Magic Online)

Vintage 101: The SCG Con Experience

Abzan drift Vintage 101 scgcon

What are the odds of winning with Astral Drift in Modern? Let's find out! Read more

Joe Dyer covers his weekend at SCG Con in Roanoke and makes some friends along the way! Read more

Fish Five-0: Mardu Feather (Standard, Magic Arena)

Modern Horizons: Top 10 Modern Cards

Mardu feather Modern horizons top10  1

Can Feather take flight with the addition of Black? TheAsianAvenger can help figure this out! Read more

Seth and Crim count down the best Modern Horizons cards for Modern! Read more

Lessons from the Modern Horizons Prerelease

Commander Clash S6 E18: Viewer Submitted Decks! (Jolrael vs. Locust God vs. Mina and Denn vs. Tasigur)

Battle screech modern horizons mtg art Commander clash 2019 week18

Lessons from two 3-0 drafts at the Modern Horizons prerelease Read more

The crew pilots decks submitted by you, the viewers! Read more

Oh Bother (Bant Umm...Geddon?, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Podcast 228: Modern Shake Up

Bant geddon stream highlights Podcast white

Does the combo of Ugin's Conjurant and Celestial Kiran mean we finally have an Armageddon in Modern? Read more

The crew talks all things Modern and answers #mtgfishmail. Read more

Instant Deck Techs

Turn%2bthree%2bneoform%2bcombo e5d6b38f eded 475e 9b93 80ea55c725e5%2ejpg

Each day we'll be posting a short, three minute deck tech featuring some of the coolest decks that come across the site. The most popular deck will be made into videos the following week based on your views, likes and comments in the videos. Here's this week's Instant Deck Techs:

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