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Weekly Update (Apr 26): Commander Clash with Tolarian Community College

Banned and Restricted Update, April 20, 2020: Flash Banned in Commander

Flash is banned from Commander.Read more

Budget Magic: $80 Legacy Mono-Red Prowess

Can an $80 deck compete in a format where decks normally cost $3,000? Let's run Mono-Red Prowess through a Legacy league and find out!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Uba Mask Yorion, Sky Nomad Wheel of Fortune

This week was another slow week in the financial world, with players still waiting for Ikoria's paper release. This said, the biggest winner of the week is tied to a new Ikoria card: Uba Mask,  an old rare from Champions of Kamigawa jumped from near-bulk to around $5 based on its combo potential with Drannith Magistrate. Since Drannith Magistrate keeps opponents from casting spells from anywhere but their hand and Uba Mask puts all the cards players would draw into the exile zone rather than into hand, Drannith Magistrate basically locks the opponent out of ever drawing a new card or casting a spell (once the opponent is empty-handed). Just where the combo fits, if it fits anywhere, I have no idea. Financially Uba Mask is already trending back down, but it should settle somewhere in the $3-$5 range. 

Speaking of Ikoria, as a whole, the set actually increased in price this week even though it hasn't released in paper outside of the Asia-Pacific region with Yorion, Sky Nomad and General Kudro of Drannith being the two biggest winners among rares and mythics. Don't be fooled by the extra long presale season. Once the set is opened and sold (presumably on May 15 unless the release gets pushed back again) prices will crash and crash hard, even for many of the most-hyped and played cards in the set. Unless your goal is to support your local game store or another vendor by pre-ording during these trying financial times (which is a fine thing to do), the best plan is to build your decks, play Ikoria in digital, but wait until after the set finally releases to order the cards you need in paper. Presales are rarely a good deal financially, and the Ikoria presale period being extra long doesn't change the math.

In more depressing financial news, the cheapest version of Wheel of Fortune (Revised) is now more than $200 - up from just over $100 a few days ago, with the increase mostly likely being in response to Rielle, the Everwise being a popular new legend to build around in Commander. Sadly the Commander staple is on the Reserved List, which means it is currently impossible for a reprint to happen. While Wizards might not care all that much about Legacy and Vintage, if there's one thing we've learned in 2020, it's that they care a great deal about Commander. If anything might force Wizards' hand on the Reserved List issue, players not being able to build around fun, new legends because of the price of purely casual cards like Wheel of Fortune might be the thing. While Wheel of Fortune will probably come down a bit from its post-buyout high, it seems unlikely to go back down to $100 in the near future, if ever. 

Commander Clash S8 E1: Commander Classic w/ The Professor from Tolarian Community College | Brigid vs. Kethis vs. Radha vs. Rielle

The Professor schools the Goldfish crew in a game of Commander Classic!Read more

Much Abrew: Mono-Green Land Destruction (Modern)

Commander 2020: Ranking the Decks

Do cards like Acidic Slime and Plow Under really have a place in Modern? Let's find out! Read more

Which Commander 2020 deck is best? Let's run them through a gauntlet of criteria to find out! Read more

Top 10 Ikoria Cards for Modern

Seth and Crim count down their top 10 Ikoria cards for Modern!Read more

Budget Commander: $20 Timeless Wisdom (Jeskai Cycling) Commander 2020 Precon Upgrade

Single Scoop: Ketria Arclight (Standard)

Turn the "Timeless Wisdom" into a powerful, focused Cycling deck with only $20 worth up upgrades! Read more

Is it time to dust off our Arclight Phoenix? TheAsianAvenger thinks Ikoria definitely has given an old deck a new lease of life! Read more

Against the Odds: Five-Color Unpredictable Sharknado Ultimatums (Standard)

What are the odds of winning with all of the Ultimatums (and Shark Typhoon and Unpredictable Cyclone) in Ikoria Standard? Let's find out!Read more

This Week in Legacy: Dawn of the Dream-Den

Vintage 101: Hello From the Otter Side

Joe Dyer talks about the power of Companions in Legacy and their immediate impact on the format! Read more

Joe Dyer talks about Companions in Vintage and where they're already seeing play! Read more

Fish Five-0: Yorion Foretold (Standard)

80 cards might be the new normal with Yorion, so TheAsianAvenger checks out another Yorion variant - Indatha (Abzan) Doom Foretold!Read more

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Removal List

The Fish Tank: Ikoria Edition (April 19-25, 2020)

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths removal by color, rarity, and converted mana cost. Read more

What cool Ikoria deck did viewers submit this week? Let's find out! Read more

Pioneer Peak: Luminous Kroxa

Podcast 273: Commander Banning and Companion Results

A new combo in Pioneer that includes Kroxa and Mothra??? TheAsianAvenger is sold and ready to take to the pioneer league! Read more

The crew discusses the Flash banning in Commander and the impact Ikoria's companions have had on constructed before answering #MTGFishmail. Read more

Instant Deck Techs

Each day we'll be posting a short, three minute deck tech featuring some of the coolest decks that come across the site. The most popular deck will be made into videos the following week based on your views, likes and comments in the videos. Here's this week's Instant Deck Techs:

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