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Fish Five-0: Yorion Foretold (Standard)

Yorion can be great with tons of decks (SaffronOlive called it) based around enter the battiefield abilities like elementals or even Planeswalkers, but what about enchantments like Elspeth Conquers Death and Treacherous Blessing?

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The deck at its core is still a Doom Foretold deck that is looking to grind opponents out with all enchantments

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The deck takes advantage of being able to blink cards like Oath of Kaya, Elspeth Conquers Death, and Treacherous Blessing which can be a ton of value. We also have Kaya,Orzhov Usurper to help us take down the cat oven menace and Calix, Destiny's Hand to blink and reset counters. It's also nice to have Calix to find enchantments to refuel which is important considering we are playing 80 cards. Because of the 80 cards, it could be entirely possible that we need to pack more enchantments to increase our odds of hitting them with Calix, but it's still nice to have a way to dig.

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A card that isn't new but has been a staple in a ton of decks I've built that can play it is Hushbringer.  It shuts off the Cavalier cycle, Agent of Treachery, Gyruda, Doom of Depths, and death triggers! The only downsides are that it does get removed by Shock and can potentially lead to some free 6/6s like Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath but that's why it is at it's best in a deck heavy on removal. 

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We've also got some sweet Eerie Ultimatum action. This card is pretty sweet as it returns any permanent as long as they have different names. This card will kind of serve as a super Dance of the Manse, though of course this doesn't turn them into 4/4s. This card is definitely a late-game bomb that can bring us back into a game out of nowhere. 



We got the five wins and saw a decent amount of decks you'll typically see. The only deck we didn't get to face was Jeskai Fires of Invention. The deck was sweet and I really liked Eerie Ultimatum as a closer as it can even return our fallen bird serpent, Yorion, Sky Nomad. I do think that my numbers are incorrect when it comes to enchantments. We should probably pack more as I've got more a 60 card mentality right now but that was so last year. Time to hop on the 80 card train because 20 Enchantments is low. I'd look to bumping this number up to about 25 enchantments. This also gives our Ultimatum and Calix even more value. 

We're going to need to test this against a Jeskai Fires deck to get more information on how to properly tune the deck, but this seems like a fun place to start!

As always, thanks for watching! See ya at the next one.

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