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Modern Mayhem : Esper Control (Modern, Magic Online)

Welcome to the first video of my modern series Modern Mayhem! I'll be playing and trying tons of decks from stuff I've been playing to stuff that has been doing well in leagues! I'm excited to bring this series to you all as I'm trying to get more comfortable with making MTGO content for all you beautiful people. Hopefully you'll all join me as I stretch my wings.

To start us off, I'll be playing the deck I took to GP Portland and Magic Fest Oakland! That's right! I'll be playing my favorite deck in Modern, which is Esper Control. I just love Esper Charm way too much as it has three very relevant modes! Turns out if you have an instant speed Mind Rot, it's pretty good!

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

Esper Charm has the ability to blow up all those Hardened Scales and Blood Moon (Sorry Seth) — which I can guarantee you, most people will not be ready for maindeck. It can also draw us two which is huge in all the midrange and control mirrors. Lastly, the ability to force our opponents to play around the discard two effect is powerful. Especially in their upkeep after they've drawn. It's often how I close the door on Tron and other decks. 

At this point, if you've played Modern then Snapcaster Mage doesn't need an introduction. The card is absurdly powerful as it gives us so much value in the late game as our graveyard is beefed up with sweet spells like Cryptic Command and so on. Be warned! The 2/1 beatdowns are a real thing and an actual win con.

And third, the singleton Engineered Explosives has been so good. I often wonder if I should add a second one as it's very versatile, and with the resurgence of Death's Shadow I may look into it as it's an early board wipe that can go under their Stubborn Denial. Obviously the explosives have more applications than just against Shadow, so I'll be looking to trying a second copy....maybe.

I'll be reading the comments for any suggestions on what I should play next! Also feel free to reach out to me on Twitter!
Thanks and I'll see you at the next one.


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