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Weekly Update (May 09): Fix Your Curled Foils

Modern Horizons 2 Previews

Both Modern Horizons 2 and the next Dungeons & Dragons themed Standard set, Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, were both previewed this week. On the MH2 front, we saw the art for the enemy fetchlands including extended art and old border versions, a new cards based on powerful old designs in Diamond Lion and Brainstone, and then a strange Enchantment Saga Land, aptly called Urza's Saga. Be sure to check all of the latest previews at

Tawnos's Toolbox: Foil Curling

Tired of your foils curling? Tawnos shares his research into a potential cheap and easy solution to the problem that anyone can try easily at home!Read more

Budget Magic: $43/15 Rare Mono-Black Tokens (Standard)

Can Dramatic Finale power a Mono-Black Token deck in Strixhaven Standard? Let's find out!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Verdant Catacombs Thoughtseize Modern Horizons 2 Collector Booster Box

By far the biggest financial news of the week was the early start to Modern Horizons 2 spoilers. We've known for nearly a year that the enemy fetchlands would be reprinted in the set, but what we didn't know is that along with a normal printing they would also come in extended borders and - most importantly - old borders. Right now the enemy fetchlands are between $46 (Arid Mesa) and $77 (Misty Rainforest), and based on previous reprintings, it's likely we'll see the best of the bunch drop down to around $40 while the less expensive fetchlands will likely dip below $30. While this isn't cheap in an absolute sense, it's still a massive discount compared to current prices. If you've been looking to pick up fetchlands for Modern, Legacy, or Commander, this will be your best opportunity of the year, and maybe for a couple of years.

As far as the old border fetchlands, they will almost certainly be extremely expensive. We know there's a reprint slot in Modern Horizons 2, which sounds a lot like the old border slot from Time Spiral Remastered, although it hasn't been confirmed if all of the cards in the slot feature the old border or not. Currently old border Thoughtseize - perhaps the best of the Time Spiral Remastered old border reprints - is selling for almost double the value of its cheapest printing. If old border fetches hold to the pattern, a safe expectation would be that most will be somewhere between $60 and $100 while the set is being opened, although the sky is the limit long term. As for foils, assuming the distribution is similar to Time Spiral Remastered, prices will be absurd. A foil old border Thoughtseize sells for roughly 13 times the non-foil old border version. If we assume non-foil old border fetchlands are going to be $60 to $100, this would put the price of the foil versions at somewhere around $800 for the less desirable fetchlands and well over $1000 (maybe even pushing $1500) for high-end fetchlands like Misty Rainforest.

The bad news is that boxes of Modern Horizons 2 are going to be incredibly expensive. Current presales have normal draft booster boxes at around $250 while collector boosters are at least $350 and some places are selling them for $400 or more. Based on the price that stores are paying from distributors, this isn't unreasonable (rumors are that stores are paying $250 or more for a single Collector Booster box). My guess is that once we see more of the set and can calculate the expected value, it will be off the charts high. The problem is that even with a good expected value, if you're just cracking a pack or even a box, there's a ton of variance, making it not just a gamble for the average player, but a very expensive gamble. If you can sink thousands of dollars into Modern Horizons 2 to even out the variance, my guess is that it will be worth it, but the average player is likely better off spending their money on newly cheap singles (like fetchlands) rather than cracking boxes and playing the foil fetchland lottery.

Goblin Game | Commander Clash Moment #15

This Week in Legacy: The Cantrip Shuffle

Seth casts Goblin Game, and, well ... you'll see. Read more

Joe Dyer dives into some history lessons with a look at the current format as well. Read more

Single Scoop: Silverquill's Shadow (Historic, Magic Arena)

Death's Shadow is going back to school and it's attending Silverquill College!Read more

Tomer's Deck Updates: Commander 2021 / Strixhaven Edition

Single Scoop: Esper Blink 182 (Historic, Magic Arena)

Tomer shows how he's updating his paper Commander decks with the new Strixhaven / Commander 2021 cards! Read more

TheAsianAvenger is looking to use Ephemerate to take advantage of all of the enters the battlefield effects! Read more

Against the Odds: Four-Color Codie (Standard)

What are the odds of winning with everyone's favorite book, Codie, Vociferous Codex, in Strixhaven Standard? Let's sling some spells and find out!Read more

Vintage 101: Which Witch?

Much Abrew: Chain of Smog Nic Fit (Legacy)

Joe Dyer discusses all things Sedgemoor Witch in Vintage! Read more

Can the Chain of Smog / Professor Onyx combo work in Legacy, supported by a Nic Fit shell looking to sacrifice Arena Rector to tutor up our disguised Liliana? Let's play a league and see! Read more

Commander Clash: Elder Dragon Strixhaven | S10 E14

The crew start an Elder Dragon War with the new ones from Strixhaven!Read more

The Fish Tank: Dragon's Approach Edition (May 2-8, 2021)

Fish Five-0: Controlling Standard

This week, we have a special edition of The Fish Tank with a bunch of Dragon's Approach lists! Read more

Does a pure control deck still work in Standard's environment? TheAsianAvenger sure hopes so! Read more

Meme or Dream? Divine Gambit (Standard)

Azorius ... Reanimator?! Niambi Makes It Happen! | Commander Abridged Gameplay

Meme or Dream? returns to play an incomprehensibly strange Standard deck that may go down in Magic history as the first and only deck to get six wins in a row with Divine Gambit. Read more

Tomer shows you one of the sweetest Reanimator decks that nobody knows about: Niambi Reanimator! Read more

Podcast 327: Secret Lair: Post Malone NFTs

The crew discusses Post Malone playing Magic, NFTs (maybe?) coming to MTG and answers #MTGFishmail.Read more

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