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Single Scoop: Silverquill's Shadow (Historic, Magic Arena)

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We're still doing the plan of lowering our life totals as fast as we can so Death's Shadow can be massive! We're trying out the black/white variant of Death's Shadow for a few reasons, however.

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Having access to a card like Adanto Vanguard gives us a quick way to lower our health total while controlling a resilient threat. It's also nice that we can pay four life to give Knight of the Ebon Legion a counter! I also wanted to try out Silverquill Command as the four modes on the command seem quite useful in a shadow deck. Especially the option to reanimate a creature.

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With the addition of white, we gain access to some sweet removal spells in Dire Tactics and Skyclave Apparition. Dire Tactics hitting our life total is extremely beneficial as it's removal and a pump spell for our Shadow. By now, Skyclave Apparition is just going in any non control deck with white. The card is such a solid removal spell and the body on top isn't a bad thing either.


The deck is just another flavor of Death's Shadow and it was fun to try Strixhaven cards in Historic but I'm pretty sure the Rakdos variant is just better as we have access to cards like Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger. There are other solid cheap spells in Rakdos so I can't help but feel the white wasn't great. Shadow in Best of One needs a different type of build as we're just not aggressive nor controlling enough.   Try this list out if you're looking for other flavors of Death's Shadow but this is definitely weaker than its Rakdos counterpart. 

Thanks for watching and I'll see you at the next video <3

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