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Weekly Update (Jan 10): Kaldheim Tibalt, Gods, Snow

Kaldheim Previews

Kaldheim previews are officially in full swing, and this week saw the return of Tibalt disguised as a God/MDFC Planeswalker, the return of Snow (including common fetchable ETB tapped dual lands), and the reveal of the Foretell mechanic. Be sure to check all the latest previews at

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Into the North The Great Henge Vesuvan Doppelganger

This week much of the biggest finance news is attached to Kaldheim spoiler season. After it was revealed on Thursday that snow would be making its return in the set snow support cards started to spike with Into the North jumping more than 400% to nearly $5 while Scrying Sheets increased 32% to over $22. Considering that Kaldheim isn't just giving us more snow cards but some new, fetchable snow dual lands, it wouldn't be a surprise to see more snow-related price increases over the next few weeks. While Modern Horizon cards probably shouldn't increase too much since the supply is high, both Coldsnap and original Ice Age block are old and have little supply, which means it won't take much new demand for cards from these sets to shoot up in price.

Meanwhile in Standard The Great Henge increased 34% on the week and is approaching $60, which is a shockingly high amount for a mythic that released just over a year ago. Why is The Great Henge so expensive? The answer here is that it is the rare card that is a true staple in both Standard (where is is the second most played card in the format) and Commander (where it is among the 30 most played green cards). Considering that there isn't much paper Standard taking place at the moment it's safe to assume that most of The Great Henge's price tag comes from Commander demand, which means if you're hoping to wait and pick up copies on the cheap when Throne of Eldraine rotates next fall you're likely to be disappointed. While the price may drop a bit, The Great Henge is going to remain expensive until it is eventually reprinted. 

Finally, we're starting to see the trend of Reserved List buyouts reach Revised. Vesuvan Doppelganger jumped to $60 this week, after being around $20 at the end of December and under $5 just a couple of years ago. Even Demonic Hordes shot up from $4 to $11. If Revised cards are entering into the Alpha/Beta territory of being collectables rather than playable game pieces, we could see some really absurd prices in the near future for things like dual lands. If there are any Revised Reserved List cards you need to play with, it's probably safest to get them sooner rather than later.

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