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Weekly Update (Jan 03): EDH New Year Resolutions

Budget Magic: Ultimate Memekin | 0M / 12R | Historic

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Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Lovisa Coldeyes Winter's Night Nut Collector

This week is apparently Kaldheim week in the world of Magic finance. While spoiler season doesn't officially start until January 7, we did get a handful of early previews this week which are already moving the market. One of the most exciting cards we've seen so far is Magda, Brazen Outlaw, leading a handful of buyouts based mostly on its creature types. Lovisa Coldeyes nearly tripled from near bulk to $5 as the best commander for Berserker Tribal. Meanwhile, both Dwarven Bloodboiler and Dwarven Recruiter jumped hundreds of% (Dwarven Bloodboiler from bulk to $9 and Dwarven Recruiter from under $2 to $8) as some of the best Dwarves to play in a Magda, Brazen Outlaw deck. While I'm not convinced that the best way to play Magda, Brazen Outlaw is in Dwarf Tribal, considering the most powerful aspect of the new legend is being able to sacrifice Treasures to tutor Dragons or artifacts directly to the battlefield, people are going to give Dwarves a try. This said, both cards are likely to trend back down. Dwarven Recruiter was already bought out once back when Kaladesh brought Dwarf Tribal support and Depala, Pilot Exemplar, and has spent the last three years slowly but steadily dropping in price until Magda, Brazen Outlaw came along. The same thing is likely to happen this time.

While a lot of cards get bought out during spoiler season, not all of these specs end up working out. Take, for example, Winter's Night. The snow mana doubling enchantment jumped from nearly bulk to $14 this week, most likely based on a blurry leak of Ranar the Ever-Watchful which seemed to have a snow mana symbol. Toss in a lot of snowy art from Kaldehim and many people were convinced that snow was returning to Standard, which would also give the archetype more support in formats like Commander. However, Wizards officially previewed Ranar the Ever-Watchful on Thursday and not only does Ranar not have a snow mana symbol, but Wizards also confirmed that snow mana is not in Kaldheim at all. This means that the Winter's Night buyout was much ado about nothing. The drawback is that even though Winter's Night isn't any more playable than it was a week or two ago, it's going to take months or maybe even years before the price drops to anywhere near its pre-buyout price. If you have copies and can find anyone to buy them at the current inflated price, go for it; there's no place for Winter's Night to go but down.

Finally, keep an eye on Squirrels. Mark Rosewater confirmed in his Kaldheim teaser blog post that we'd be getting our first every black-border Squirrel legend in the set. Magic players have an irrational love of the Squirrel tribe, and it wouldn't be surprising to see Squirrels follow Cats and Dogs and end up a very popular Commander tribe. If you're thinking about building Squirrels, my advice would be to pick up the old Squirrels and Squirrel support cards that you'll need now. Once the legendary Squirrel is officially previewed, buyouts and price increases are likely. 

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Each day we'll be posting a short, three minute deck tech featuring some of the coolest decks that come across the site. The most popular deck will be made into videos the following week based on your views, likes and comments in the videos. Here's this week's Instant Deck Techs:

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