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Weekly Update (Aug 09): Massive Format Bannings

Banned and Restricted Update, August 3, 2020: Format Reboots

Standard, Historic, and Pioneer get a reboot!Read more

Budget Magic: $60 Mono-White Auras (Modern)

How many cards can we draw with Kor Spiritdancer and Sram before killing our opponent with a huge Gingerbrute in a ultra-budget Modern deck? Let's see!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Mana Crypt Hatred Mox Amber

This week, the biggest finance news is Fridays's release of Double Masters. Overall, the set has a solid expected value, assuming you buy an entire box so you get the two box toppers, with a box (on average) offering over $450 in value. The problem is that the variance is extremely high since most of the value in the set is concentrated in the mythic rarity and in the box toppers. The good news is that the set has already had a massive impact on the price of in-demand singles for Commander, Modern, Pioneer, and Legacy. While opening a box is a fun gamble, and with a bit of luck, it is very possible to come out ahead and open more value in cards than you spend on the box, with singles being so cheap right now the smartest move for most players is to snag the individual cards they need to build their decks at a steep discount. 

Hatred is on the rise, with the Reserved List rare shooting up from $20 to $30 this week as one of the best ways to one-shot opponents in the Commander format. This might, at least in part, be related to some of the reprints in Double Masters. Hatred is a staple of Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon decks (in fact Skithiryx is the Commander deck that plays Hatred the most), and thanks to a Double Masters reprinting, Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon is already down to $20 after being as high as $46 just a few weeks ago. This discount might be prodding more players into building Skithiryx decks, which in turn would increase the price of Hatred. One of the awkward parts of staples getting much cheaper due to reprinting is that their lower price increases demand for cards that are played with the reprinted card, which can cause some seemingly random older cards to shoot up in price.

Finally, we had a bunch of bannings this week. Thankfully most of the Standard bannings hit already inexpensive uncommons and commons like Growth Spiral, Cauldron Familiar, and Wilderness Reclamation, although Teferi, Time Raveler is continuing to trend down. Teferi, Time Raveler was already on the downswing thanks to its impending rotation. It should duck below $10 after being over $20 a few weeks ago, but the planeswalker is still a Modern staple, so a complete crash seems unlikely. It may be a card to pick up at a discount for your Modern collection, since long-term it could start to climb again. Perhaps more impactful from a finance perspective were the Pioneer bans, with four top tier decks essentially being driven completely from the format. Walking Ballista's price shouldn't change much since most of its demand comes from Modern, but expect prices of cards like Mox Amber (Kethis Combo), Lotus Field (Lotus Breach Combo), Inverter of Truth and perhaps Jace, Wielder of Mysteries (Dimir Inverter) to continue to trend down. These are cards that were primarily valuable because of their Pioneer play, and until they find a more reliable home in other formats, likely won't have much demand. 

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Fish Five-0: Terror of the Jund Peaks

The Expected Value of Double Masters and VIP Boosters

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Rough Drafts: Double Masters

Pioneer Peak: GolGarruk Stompy

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The Fish Tank: Spicy Viewer Decks (August 2-8, 2020)

Podcast 288: Surprise B&R

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