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Weekly Update (Apr 12): Complete Ikoria Previews and C20 Decklists

Full Commander 2020 Decklists

The full contents of Commander 2020.Read more

Budget Magic: $60 Sac and Whack (Modern)

What does Anax, Hardened in the Forge and some sweet sacrifice synergies add to an ultra-budget 8 Whack shell in Modern? Let's find out!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Decree of Silence Pemmin's Aura Wrenn and Six

This week, the biggest finance news is once again the lack of finance news. Normally when a new set releases there are almost daily price spikes based on new decks, synergies, and cards, but this week prices from Standard to Modern are fairly quiet, with the biggest gainers coming from casual formats like Commander. The two biggest winners are Decree of Silence (up nearly 400% from just over $4 to $20) and Decree of Annihilation (up 200% from $3 to $9), two cards that work extremely well with our new free cycling legend from Commander 2020: Gavi, Nest Warden. While both cards will see a lot of play in Gavi decks, they are very fringe in the Commander format otherwise. While being old and one-printing cards (outside of a From the Vault version of Decree of Annihilation) will help both cards hold their price, my guess is that once the initial Commander 2020 hype dies down, prices will start to fall. If either card is reprinted at some point in the future, they should end up back below $5. If you aren't planning on building Gavi, Nest Warden and have copies lying around, I'd look to sell or trade them now (if that's even possible at the moment) while prices are high. 

Meanwhile, Pemmin's Aura is up over $10 (from under $5 a week ago) as an easy way to combo with Zaxara, the Exemplary. Since Zaxara taps for two mana and Pemmin's Aura can untap the creature it enchants for just one mana, you can just keep tapping and untapping Zaxara, the Exemplary to make infinite mana, and then win the game somehow (likely with a big X-spell). If you're looking for a more budget-friendly option, Freed from the Real enables the same combo, but is just $1.50 thanks to a semi-recent reprinting in Masters 25.

Finally in the world of Magic Onlineafter a recent run of Modern Horizons drafts which temporarily dropped prices of cards in the set, cards like Wrenn and Six, Force of Negation, Ice-Fang Coatl and the other staples from Modern Horizons are rebounding. While still significantly below their mid-March peak, almost across the board the best cards from Modern Horizons increased 10%-20% this week. Expect them to keep climbing: there is a lot of demand for cards from eternal formats on Magic Online right now thanks to the pandemic keeping players at home. If you have been waiting to add these cards to your digital collection, the window to get them at a discount is closing. 

"Ruthless Regiment" Full Decklist Reveal | Exclusive Commander 2020 Preview

We get to reveal the full decklist of the upcoming Commander 2020 precon, "Ruthless Regiment"! Seth and Tomer talk about the deck, what it does, and who should buy it!Read more

Much Abrew: Dread Dryad Valakut (Modern)

The Fish Tank: Sweet Viewer-Submitted Decks (March 29 to April 4, 2020)

Does Dryad of Illysian Grove allow for a deck that wants all of its lands to be Mountains (for Valakut) and Swamps (for Dread Presence) at the same time to work in Modern? Let's find out! Read more

What interesting decks did the Goldfish community submit this week? Let's find out! Read more

Pioneer Peak: Orzhov Pact

This Week in Legacy: Here There Be Monsters, Part 1

Did Theros Beyond Death bring any new cards for Demonic Pact decks in Pioneer? Lets find out! Read more

Joe Dyer delves into the world of Ikoria, the LAIR OF BEHEMOTHS in the first part of his set review! Read more

Against the Odds: Progenitus (Modern)

What are the odds of getting Progenitus on the battlefield on Turn 3 (and maybe even using it to win some games) in Modern? Let's find out!Read more

A Brief History of Cycling Payoffs—Exclusive Ikoria Preview

Cycling has been a part of Magic for a long time, and for as long as there has been cycling there have been powerful cycling payoffs. Can our exclusive Ikoria preview card join the pantheon of cycling payoffs?Read more

Single Scoop: Drakuseth Reborn

Vintage 101: The Oath of a Lifetime

Are people respecting graveyards in the best of one meta? Lets find out by reanimating some sweet bombs like Drakuseth! Read more

Joe Dyer does a deep dive on current Oath of Druids lists! Read more

Commander Review: Commander 2020 | Part 1 | White, Blue, Black

We kick off our review of all the new C20 cards with Part 1: White, Blue, Black, the "free with commander" cycle, and the impetus cycle!Read more

The Fish Tank: Ikoria Edition (April 5 to April 11, 2020)

Fish Five-0: Esper Bolas

What sweet Ikoria-influenced decks did viewers submit this week? Let's find out! Read more

Is a four-color deck too greedy for standard's meta right now? Probably, but that won't stop TheAsianAvenger from fusing his two favorite wedges in Magic together! Read more

The King of the Monsters

Podcast 271: Ikoria and C20 Previews

Joe Dyer shares his love of all things Kaiju with a lore dive into the Godzilla Series from Ikoria! Read more

The crew discusses a ton of new Magic cards! Read more

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