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Weekly Update (Oct 30): Commander 2016 Decklists, Emrakul & Progenitus Promos

Commander 2016 Decklists

C16 decklists featured

Commander 2016 has been fully spoiled. Check out the complete decklists for all five four-color decks. Commander 2016 releases November 11, 2016 with an MSRP of $34.99 per deck.Read more

New Promos: Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and Progenitus

Op promos

Progenitus will be the 2017 Grand Prix Promo, and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn will be the 2017 Regional Pro Tour Qualifier Promo.Read more

Fishy Secrets Halloween Playmat


A new Scoops playmat just in time for Halloween!Read more

Budget Magic: $85 (35 tix) Standard Energy Fog

Energy%2bfog 09273fff a4ef 4f67 ba7f 0ff49450b5f5%2ejpg

Clearly the best Fogging deck in Kaladesh Standard—let's see if we can make some opponents regret playing creatures!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Atraxa, Praetors' Voice Torrential Gearhulk Pact of the Titan

The biggest financial news of the week is that the complete spoiler for Commander 2016 went up on Friday and the decks are overloaded with value. Currently, at TCGplayer-mid prices, the average value of the five decks is $121, with an MSRP of only $35. This means two things: First, the prices of the cards in these decks are going to drop a lot in coming days. Second, while it's unlikely you'll be able to crack these for value, they represent solid buys if you want the cards in the decks.

As for tournament formats, things have been mostly quiet this week. Standard has only seen slight movement. Kaladesh cards that spiked at the Pro Tour are normalizing with Torrential Gearhulk, Aetherworks Marvel, Metallurgic Summonings, Panharmonicon, and Metalwork Colossus all losing about 20% on the week. This is to be expected as very few Pro Tour price increases stick. If anything, this provides a reminder that you shouldn't buy into the hype.

In Modern, we have our latest buyout, this time featuring Pact of the Titan which jumped 181% to $5.50. This one is clearly fueled by low supply rather than demand—I can't find any record of the card being played anywhere in the past year. Buylist prices have adjusted a bit so I don't expect a return to $1, but dropping back into the $2-$3 range seems probable.

Finally, it appears that prices on Magic Online have finally stabilized after dropping nearly 25% in response to the Treasure Chest announcement. It was announced this week that Treasure Chests become tradable on November 16, at which point we will have to see just how much bots will pay for the Chest. If they are similar to "real" boosters (selling for just below EV), then things will more or less return to normal. If not, prize payouts may have to be revised again in the future, leading to more uncertainty.

Much Abrew: 14 Swamp Black (Pauper)

Rotation and Redemption: Times They Are a Changin'

Vampire lacerator by steveargyle Gideon

Is 14 lands and infinite one-drops the solution to beating Peregrine Drake in Pauper? Let's see! Read more

Huge changes to Standard rotation and MTGO redemption have been announced recently, but what do they mean for players? Read more

How to Oath (Commander 2016 Spoiler)

Commander 2016 Info and First Impressions

Oath of druids commander 2016 Cmd16 decks

A card that can dump your entire graveyard into your library or give you a Progenitus for free? It's time for a Commander preview! Read more

Tomer goes over the first spoilers of Commander 2016 and checks if his predictions were correct. Read more

Against the Odds: Aetherflux Storm

Aetherflux reservoir kaladesh mtg art

Is it really possible that Wizards would put a Storm deck in Standard? We're about to find out!Read more

This Week in Legacy: A Big Week of Results

Vintage 101: European Vacation!

Azlgmt1i 1012151209061 Content flcroozerjpg

Sean goes through the huge week of Legacy tournaments, and breaks down his new favourite deck he crushed a local event with! Read more

It's Eternal Weekend! Check out the European Vintage Championships results with Islandswamp! Read more

Commander Spotlight: Atraxa, Praetors' Voice


Tomer analyzes the newest angel horror and shows off how she can lead a Superfriends deck.Read more

Magic History: Fallen Empires Strikes Back

Brewer's Minute: Top Down or Bottom Up?

Il fullxfull.117627307 Volcanic island by noahbradley d4xfdke

Join Islandswamp for his light-hearted set review of Fallen Empires! Read more

This week, we break down the two main styles of building decks—top down and bottom up—and talk about how they impact the finished product. Read more

Commander Clash S2 Episode 12: Halloween Special

Cc 2 12 article

The crew plays some spoooky decks for Halloween!Read more

Instant Deck Techs

Four color%2bsuperfriends%2b%2528simayamanuma%2529 49530dd0 05e1 43fb a24b cd319ee2ee51%2ejpg

Each day we'll be posting a short, three minute deck tech featuring some of the coolest decks that come across the site. The most popular deck will be made into videos the following week based on your views, likes and comments in the videos. Here's this week's Instant Deck Techs:

Tournament Center


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