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Weekly Update (Jun 06): Strixhaven Championship Decklists

Strixhaven Championship Top 8 Decklists

The Top 8 Historic decklists for the Strixhaven Championship!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Arcbound Ravager Chatterfang, Squirrel General Chulane, Teller of Tales

This week most of the big finance news revolves around the impending release of Modern Horizons 2. A bunch of older cards which stand to benefit from some new Modern Horizons 2 additions to the format saw massive price increases. Arcbound Ravager doubled in price to nearly $40 thanks to the new artifact lands and modular theme of the set. Protean Hulk doubled up to $20 as one of the best reanimation targets for Persist in the format thanks to its combo potential. Speaking of reanimation, Footsteps of the Goryo increased 112% to almost $14 as a potential backup to Persist, while Vengevine (synergy with free evoke creatures and new madness threats), Ancestral Vision (one of the better cards to cascade into with Shardless Agent) and even Nix (a potential answer to the new evoke free spells) all saw major increases as well. At this point, it's too early to really say which of these prices will stick - it mostly depends on just how good these new Modern Horizons 2-infused archetypes end up being - but expect more price movement in the coming weeks as players get their hands on the set. Modern is about to undergo a major Upheaval

While the prices of old Modern cards are getting crazy, prices of cards from Modern Horizons 2 itself are even crazier. While we should have an expected value calculation in the near future, some quick back of the napkin math suggests that the average value of a mythic in the set is currently $35 (with Chatterfang, Squirrel General spiking to $60 this week, making it the second-most expensive mythic in the set behind Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer), while the average rare is worth almost $10 (driven by the fetchland reprint). Of course, this should drop as the set releases and the product is opened, but my expectation is that even considering the absurdly high price of booster boxes (with Set and Draft boosters $250+ and Collector Booster around $400), the set likely offers solid value.

Finally, one last bit of weirdness: Some cards from The List are becoming extremely expensive thanks to their scarcity. This week the normal Brawl Precon version of Chulane, Teller of Tales (brawl deck) ticked up a bit to $6. This got me to click on Chulane's card page, only to find that The List version is $2,500. While this is partly a fluke driven by the fact that TCGplayer only has four copies for sale (with some at unreasonably high prices like $5000), even on eBay, the cheapest copy is listed for around $200. Whether or not anyone is actually buying at this price remains to be seen, but if you stumble into a playable The List card in a set booster box, don't just assume it is worth the same as its normal printing: Cards from The List are so rare that you might be able to get a big premium.

Single Scoop: Lorehold's Robots (Historic, Magic Arena)

TheAsianAvenger checks out Lorehold's robotics department.Read more

Commander Review: Modern Horizons 2 | Part 1 | White, Blue

Commander Review: Modern Horizons 2 | Part 2 | Black, Red

Tomer reviews all the new Modern Horizon cards for Commander starting with White and Blue cards! Read more

Tomer reviews all the Black and Red cards in Modern Horizons 2 for the Commander format! Read more

This Week in Legacy: The Shape of Things to Come

Vintage 101: The Modern Horizons Shuffle

Joe Dyer continues diving into Modern Horizons 2! Read more

Joe Dyer dives into Modern Horizons 2 for Vintage! Read more

Against the Odds: Dragonstorm (Historic)

Thanks to Historic Anthology V, Dragonstorm is now on Magic Arena and Legacy in Historic! Can we use the sorcery to tutor up an infinite Dragon combo? Let's see!Read more

Modern Horizons 2: Top 10 New-to-Modern Reprints

Much Abrew: The Jankiest Turn 2 Kill in Legacy: Scroll of Fate

Modern Horizons 2 has a lot of interesting and impactful reprints. Which will make waves in Modern? Let's count down the top 10! Read more

Can Commander precon "all-star" Scroll of Fate make jank like Eater of Days and Hunted Horror playable in Legacy? Let's find out! Read more

Commander Clash: Alphabet Soup | S10 E18

The crew builds decks where each card must start with the first letter of their names!Read more

Single Scoop: Naya Burn (Historic, Magic Arena)

The Fish Tank: Modern Horizons 2 Edition (May 30-June 5, 2021)

TheAsianAvenger is looking to keep his opponents in the hot seat with a Naya burn deck in Historic! Read more

What sweet Modern Horizons 2 decks did viewers submit this week? Let's find out! Read more

The Lore of Modern Horizons 2

Joe Dyer dives into the recap lore of Modern Horizons 2!Read more

Modern Horizons 2: Top 10 Legacy Cards

Podcast 331: What Is MH2's Hogaak?

Seth is joined by MTGGoldfish eternal expert Joe Dyer from This Week in Legacy and Vintage 101 to count down the top 10 Modern Horizons 2 cards for Legacy! Read more

The crew discusses a ton of new Modern Horizons 2 spoilers and answers #MTGFishmail. Read more

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