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Single Scoop: Lorehold's Robots (Historic, Magic Arena)

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Historic Anthology 5 has brought us some sweet new robots to play with!

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Now our artifacts deck is loaded to the brim with sweet one drops between all the cards we had with these two new additions. The deck relies on dropping a ton of cheap artifacts and then closing out the game with All That Glitters, Steel Overseer, or Tempered Steel. Most of these cards will turn any cheap artifact threat into a haymaker. 

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

With us being in Lorehold's colors, we have access to Lightning Helix to serve as our reach since we don't have a card like Galvanic Blast. We've also got Showdown of the Skalds as a way to refuel our gameplan while potentially pumping any of our creatures for each spell we cast!


With best of one requiring us to focus on maximizing our aggression, we fold to board wipes and anything that can get on the ground running faster than us. We are fragile up until we can stick any of our anthem or pump effects. If you're a fan of a super glass cannon aggro deck that can steal games as quick as it can lose them, this is definitely a fun deck for you! If we were to port this over to best of three, I'd look to adding cards like Teferi's Protection into the sideboard as a way to phase out of every sweeper situation!

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