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Weekly Update (Jan 24): Kaldheim Commander Decklists

Kaldheim Commander Decklists

Kaldheim Commander decklists revealed!Read more

Budget Magic: Ninjas (Modern)

How many cards can we draw with Ninjas while also viciously attacking our opponent with evasive 1/1s in Modern on a budget? Let's see!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Wheel of Fortune Day's Undoing Surtland Flinger

This week, the biggest finance news was the continuation of Reserved List buyouts. Last week we talked about the absurdity of Revised Wheel of Fortune spiking to $400. Well, that was just the start. This week Wheel of Fortune briefly hit $2,000 and now sits at a bit under $900. While this might sound like strange advice coming from a MTG finance column, if you need a copy for a Commander deck, you might as well just make a proxy. While this solution doesn't help for sanctioned play, there really isn't any reason to spend nearly $1,000 on a single card to play with your local Commander playgroup. While I would strongly discourage you from supporting people making counterfeit cards (which are often marketed as "proxies" even though their main goal is to replicate an authentic card so that it can be mistaken for the real thing), there are plenty of sweet non-counterfeit proxies available these days and it's easy enough to make your own proxies with your home printer or a Sharpie. 

In the world of non-Reserved List cards, one of the biggest winners this week was Day's Undoing which doubled in price to $12.99. The biggest reason for this change seems to be that the sorcery has been widely adopted in Legacy Miracles decks where it combos with both Narset, Parter of Veils (to Mind Twist away your opponent's while refilling your hand) and Teferi, Time Raveler, which allows you to cast Day's Undoing on your opponent's end step to get around the "end your turn" drawback. As a one-printing mythic with a relatively unique (at least for unbanned cards) effect, it wouldn't be a surprise to see the new price stick.

Finally, a quick note on some of the "special" Kaldheim cards that come from products like the Kaldheim Commander precons or Themed Boosters. A lot of these cards are showing up at super high prices on the site at the moment, like Surtland Flinger being listed at $20.99. This is essentially a TCGplayer quirk brought about by low supply. Right now five vendors have Surtland Flinger listed on TCGplayer, all for $20.99, which is what sets the headline price of the card on the site. However, if you go to Surtland Flinger's card page, you'll see that CardKingdom has many copies for sale for $0.79 apiece. This same pattern holds for a bunch of Commander and Theme Booster cards from Kaldheim. TCGplayer prices should normalize as more copies are listed for sale over the next week or two. In the meantime make sure to look beyond the headline; these cards really aren't anywhere near as expensive as the TCGplayer pricing makes them look to be.

Against the Odds: Scepter Lock (Modern)

What are the odds of winning (by hard-locking the opponent out of the game) with Isochron Scepter in Modern? Let's see!Read more

This Week in Legacy: I Headbutted a Troll and I Liked It, Part 2

Single Scoop: Mono Black Aggro (Historic, Magic Arena)

Joe Dyer continues to dive into Kaldheim for Legacy in Part 2 of the Set Review! Read more

Mono Black aggro was popular in Pioneer but does it still hold it's weight in Historic? Read more

Wyleth CRUSHES With Just $50! | Aura Voltron | Stream Highlight

Vintage 101: Getting Metal

Wyleth is pretty good y'all. Read more

Joe Dyer gets into the metal spirit with the Kaldheim set review for Vintage. Read more

Single Scoop: CrabxCore

Much Abrew: Naya Winota (Modern)

Where were you when the Crab tribe attacked the historic meta!? Read more

We know that Winota, Joiner of Forces was broken in Standard and Historic, to the point that it ended up being banned, but is it even powerful enough to keep up with the fast pace of Modern? Let's see! Read more

Commander Clash | Season 9 Stats & Wrap Up

What's our most played cards? Longest game? Who won the most? We answer all this and more in this season wrap up!Read more

The Fish Tank: Kaldheim Edition (January 17-23, 2021)

Podcast 312: Tarmogoyf is Really Dead... Again

What sweet Kaldheim-influenced decks did viewers submit this week? Let's find out! Read more

The crew discusses Kaldheim spoilers and whether the printing of Doomskar means that Tarmogoyf is dead...again. Read more

Meme or Dream? The Most Ambitious Dirge Bat Ever (Standard)

Half Mutate. Half Landfall. Half a sideboard. Dirge Bat with four lands that make black mana. It must be Meme or Dream? time!Read more

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