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Single Scoop: CrabxCore

As I type this, all I can hear is the song Ocean Man play in my head! Why is that?...because we're playing a tribe that hasn't gotten any recognition...that tribe is the crab tribe. 

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We're loaded with a bunch of creatures that have no more than 1 power but a ton of toughness and don't really have many abilities. How do we win?

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Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive is going to help our creatures attack unblocked. This may not seem like much but when paired with High Alert or Huatli, the Sun's Heart, our crustacean friends can really pack a punch. Of course, a card that comes to mind with this playstyle is Arcades, the Strategist which draws cards if we had cards with Defender. Sadly, our deck is devoid of Defender threats so Arcades is just a four mana clunker whereas we get to maximize our three drop enablers to close a game. It's even better that these cards aren't a creature thus making them a lot harder to remove!

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This deck is the farthest thing from a meta deck but I think it has a chance to beat the Horse tribal deck I played about a month back! I guess that means there is something actually worse than crab tribal! This tribe would have to have two sets exclusively contributing to crab tribal to get anywhere close to tier 2. For now, it's just a funny tribe and is here to supply us with memes and entertainment. 

Thanks for watching. I'm going to hum Ocean Man some more, in the meantime. 

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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