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Weekly Update (Jan 17): Commander Clash Webcam Special

Kaldheim Previews

Kaldheim previews continue with more rares and mythics this week. We're entering the final week of previews, with scheduled previews ending this Tuesday, and the Commander decks yet still to come. Be sure to check out for all the latest previews.

Banned and Restricted Update, Jan 14, 2021: Fall from Favor Banned

Fall from Favor banned in Pauper!Read more

Budget Magic: Historic Zombie Hunt (0 Mythics / 0 Rares)

Let's kick off the new year right with one of the cheapest, jankiest, and most unique budget decks in all of Magic: Zombie Hunt!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Rhys the Exiled Dead of Winter Wheel of Fortune

This week the focus on the finance world was once again primarily on Kaldheim spoilers with older cards that support or synergize with new Kaldheim themes populating the list of biggest winners. Take Rhys the Exiled (up 324% to just under $20) for example. Before Kaldheim, by far the most popular way to play Elves in Commander was in a mono-green deck headlined by Ezuri, Renegade Leader or Marwyn, the Nurturer, but now thanks to some solid Golgari Elves support in Kaldheim (and also Commander Legends), the popularity of green-black Elves is on the rise, leading to the Rhys the Exiled price spike. While there are several solid leaders for a Golgari Elves deck now, Rhys the Exiled is a legitimate option, and even if you play something like Lathril, Blade of the Elves, Abomination of Llanowar or Miara, Thorn of the Glade and Numa, Joraga Chieftain as your commander, you'll almost certainly want Rhys the Exiled in the 99. Toss in that Rhys is old and has never been reprinted, the jump from below $5 to nearly $20 makes a lot of sense. It should normalize in the coming weeks, but the days of $4 copies of Rhys the Exiled are likely over until it gets reprinted. 

Likewise, snow cards are still on the rise with Dead of Winter leading the way this week by jumping 230% to just under $5. Apart from being a reasonable sweeper in any deck playing mostly snow-lands, Dead of Winter is especially powerful in decks with a bunch of snow-creatures since you can turn it into a much less expensive Plague Wind, sweeping away your opponent's boards while leaving your snow creatures behind. In theory this could be meaningful in Modern if a snow-heavy deck develops, but even discounting 60 card formats, Dead of Winter should be a staple of Commander decks lead by Jorn, God of Winter and Narfi, Betrayer King. Thankfully Modern Horizons is new enough and the supply of Dead of Winter is high enough that it should be difficult for the price to get too out of control, at least in the near future. 

Finally, in sadder news, Reserved List buyouts are once again heating up. In general, it's easy to ignore the absurd prices of random old cards that almost no one plays, but seeing very playable cards like Wheel of Fortune hit $400 is problematic. While printing imitation versions like Wheel of Misfortune is a fine stop-gap, at some point Wizards is going to have to take more meaningful action to fix the Reserved List issue or they risk hurting Commander (their most popular and likely profitable paper format). A quick look at the price history of Wheel of Fortune shows just how absurd things are getting on the Reserved List front. Back in 2013, you could pick up copies for $10 which means that in the past seven or eight years, Wheel of Fortune has increased almost 4,000% in price. In the same time frame, the Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 121%. I'll leave you with that thought.

Meme or Dream? "But No One Told Me Dinos Are Bad in Historic."

Dinosaurs aren't known as the most competitive tribe in Historic, but maybe the problem is that the tribe doesn't play enough random Ixalan-based one-ofs.Read more

The God of BURN! | Toralf, God of Fury | Kaldheim Preview

This Week in Legacy: I Headbutted a Troll and I Liked It, Part 1

Kaldheim's Thor gives Burn decks a massive boost! Read more

Joe Dyer gets all metal with Kaldheim for Legacy! Read more

Commander Clash Moment #2: Mono Green Farseek

Richard has been playing for many years, but today he learns what Farseek does.Read more

Single Scoop: Harmonious Tokens (Standard, Magic Arena)

$20 Malcolm & Breeches Combo! | Stream Highlight

TheAsianAvenger practices his harmonies with Lukka, Coppercoat Outcast in standard! Read more

Crush tables with this $20 Pirate deck! Read more

Against the Odds: Double Moon Walkers (Modern)

Vintage 101: The Leader of the Goblins

What's better than spending a bunch of turns plussing your planeswalkers to eventually ultimate? Doing it right away with the help of Doubling Season! Read more

Joe Dyer dives into the world of Vintage Goblins! Read more

Historic 101: Fair Magic 2021

Much Abrew: Puresteel Hammer Time

Did TheAsianAvenger finally find the right list to channel the Jund energy in Historic? TheAsianAvenger pilots a sweet midrange deck that has some spicy inclusions! Read more

Is Hammer Time a real deck in Modern now, thanks to the community developing and tuning the archetype? Let's see! Read more

Commander Clash Special: Webcam EDH! Obeka vs. Ardenn & Rograkh vs. Marchesa vs. Ur-Dragon

Podcast 311: Throw Out Your Basics

The crew play webcam EDH for the first time! Can we get through a game without Magic Online holding our hands? Read more

The crew discusses the impending release of MTG Arena on mobile and Kaldheim spoilers! Read more

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