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Weekly Update (Jan 1): Final Aether Revolt Inventions

Aether Revolt Spoilers

Planar%2bbridge%2b%255bms2%255d Paradox%2bengine%2b%255bms2%255d

Aether Revolt pre-spoilers complete with the last two Inventions featuring two brand new artifacts from Aether Revolt. Spoilers officially start tomorrow, so be sure to check out the latest Aether Revolt spoilers at

Budget Magic: $93 (28 tix) Modern Jeskai Flying Men

Jeskai%2bflying%2bmen 3cdb81c6 df65 4ae2 bf46 fc27a0a6af52%2ejpg

Modern isn't really prepared for fliers, especially not a deck overloaded with powerful, often hasty fliers, starting from Turn 1!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Jace, Vryn's Prodigy Chromatic Lantern Ydwen Efreet

Happy New Year everyone! This week in finance things in Modern and Standard have been fairly quite (although this will surely change tomorrow when Aether Revolt spoilers officially begin), and instead the focus has been on Frontier, Commander, and older formats.

Frontier has likely had the biggest impact this week, with many staples in the format increasing significantly in price. Jace, Vryn's Prodigy jumped another 19% and is currently $45—exactly double his price a month ago. Meanwhile, Anafenza, the Foremost and Hangarback Walker each more than doubled this week. Whether this is from players picking up their playsets or speculation, it's not completely clear, but I have heard several reports from dealers that they are seeing real demand for Frontier cards which seems to support the former.

Commander 2016 is still making waves in the finance world with Bloom Tender and Rings of Brighthearth being on the winners list this week. Perhaps even more surprising is Chromatic Lantern, which has doubled in price from $4 to $9, meaning it hasn't really dropped in price at all despite being reprinted in Commander 2016. There are rumors that there will only be one printing of the product, and if this is true, supply will dry up soon. If you happen across Breed Lethality (the Atraxa, Praetors' Voice deck, current EV at $33 TCGplayer low) or Entropic Uprising (the Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder deck, current EV at $27 TCGplayer low), it might be a good idea to pick them up while you still have the chance.

Finally, while we are talking about weird formats, 93/94 (or Old School) Magic is once again making its presence felt, this time with Ydwen Efreet doubling in price to $37.99. While the player base for the format is small (and cost of entry into the format is high), this just goes to show how little it takes to move the price on obscure old cards (even ones that aren't on the Reserved List). If you browse TCGplayer looking at old sets like Arabian Nights, you'll see that for many rares, there are only between one and three near mint playsets for sale and often less than 10 playsets in any condition. As such, if you and a friend each buy a playset for your Old School deck, you could technically (and accidentally) be "buying out" the site!

Frontier Finance: Cards to Watch

Much Abrew: Enduring Ideal (Modern)

Cardart digthroughtime Arc1274 ghostly

The recent rotation of Standard along with Frontier hype has created a perfect storm of opportunity. What cards should you be watching? Read more

Is Enduring Ideal epic enough for Modern, backed up by some janky enchantments like Dovescape? Let's see! Read more

This Week in Legacy: GP Louisville Preparation Part 1

Against the Odds: To Myrfinity and Beyond (Modern)

Izzet staticaster Mtg  shimmer myr by janaschi d3bguy3

Sean begins his two-parter about what to expect at GP Louisville, what new technology to look out for, and how to win! Read more

What do you do when you have to build a Myr deck in Modern? Go Myr-infinite, of course! Read more

Vintage 101: Two Thousand Seventeen

Budget Commander: $20 "Open Hostility" Upgrade

Feature114 solring C16 saskia the unyielding article thumbnails

The new year is almost here! Join Islandswamp as he shows off Vintage Inventions, some sweet decks, and previews VSL Season Six! Read more

Tomer shows how to upgrade "Open Hostility" to crush your foes on any budget Read more

Brewer's Minute: How Many Lands?

Aether Revolt Spoilers: Limited Review for December 30

Howmany1 321

Skimping on lands is one of the most common deck-building mistakes brewers make. How do you know the right number of lands? Let's discuss! Read more

Jake breaks down all the Aether Revolt cards that have been shown so far in anticipation of the official start of spoiler season Read more

Commander Clash S2 Episode 21: New Years Resolutions

Commander clash   new years resolution

The crew resolves to play decks that they normally avoid in this new years special!Read more

Ahooooo~ (Prototypical Red, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Podcast 101: Aether Revolt Inventions, Frontier

Prototypical red Podcast white

Is going low to the ground with all one- and two-drops the way to beat Emrakul, Ishkanah and Avacyn. Some people think so! Read more

The crew shares their opinion on the new Aether Revolt Inventions, and everyone gets riled up over Frontier. Read more

Instant Deck Techs

Shardless%2bbug%2b%2528todd%2bstevens%2529 9a427c31 8bf6 4056 a8a9 6053907c53a2%2ejpg

Each day we'll be posting a short, three minute deck tech featuring some of the coolest decks that come across the site. The most popular deck will be made into videos the following week based on your views, likes and comments in the videos. Here's this week's Instant Deck Techs:

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