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Weekly Update (Feb 18): Jace, Bloodbraid Unbanned in Modern!

Banned and Restricted Update, February 12 2017: Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf Unbanned in Modern

Wizards  1

Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf are unbanned in Modern!Read more

Budget Magic: $81 (51 tix) Mono-Black Panharmonicon (Standard)

Mono black%2bpanharmonicon 02de383b e58b 4fe7 9c2d 6b63c63b69d8%2ejpg

Can some sweet new Rivals of Ixalan cards make a mono-black build of Panharmonicon possible (and powerful) in Standard?Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Jace, the Mind Sculptor Bloodbraid Elf Disrupting Shoal

This week there's only one piece of finance news that really matters: the unbannings of Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf in Modern. These changes sent a ripple through Modern card prices and have caused some massive price spikes.

First, Jace, the Mind Sculptor is up to $144 after being about $70 just 10 days ago. With a reprint coming in 25th Masters just a few weeks from now, I'd look to sell my copies now and rebuy after the reprint. 25th Masters, like Iconic Masters, is going to be in Walmart and Target, which means the supply will be high; enough to bring down the price on Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Meanwhile, Bloodbraid Elf is up from $3.50 to $8. While we don't know for sure that a reprint is coming, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Bloodbraid Elf in 25th Masters as well.

Beyond just the two unbanned cards, the unbannings improved the stock of several other cards as well. The biggest winner here is Disrupting Shoal, which more than tripled in price to over $30 as a way to protect Jace, the Mind Sculptor (even though I haven't seen a single Disrupting Shoal cast on Magic Online since the unbannings). Celestial Colonnade, Blackcleave Cliffs, Liliana of the Veil, and Tarmogoyf are all up on the week as well as players look to build Ux Control with Jace, and Jund with Bloodbraid Elf.

On Magic Online we've had some price interesting spikes that may foreshadow what's to come in the paper world. Thrun, the Last Troll doubled up as a way to kill opposing Jaces, Time Warp and Temporal Mastery each increased just under 100% based on hype for a Jace, the Mind Sculptor-fueled Taking Turns deck, and Gaddock Teeg more that doubled in price as a way to stop opponents from casting Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Cryptic Command. While all of these cards could be reprinted in 25th Masters, if they manage to dodge the reprinting, it wouldn't be a surprise to see these cards start to increase in the paper world as well in the next few weeks.

Wizards Should Leave Modern Alone (But Probably Won't)

Much Abrew: Four-Color Acquisition (Standard)

Jace the mind sculptor mtg planeswalker art Ma 4 color acquisition

Modern is arguably the best it has ever been, but that might not stop Wizards from shaking up the format with some unbannings. Read more

Can a deck built around Mastermind's Acquisition and tons of ramp compete in Standard? Let's find out! Read more

Possibility Storm: Rivals of Ixalan #3

Sorry We... Put Brainwash Online Instead of These Cards (Part 7)

Image1  14 New logo

Can you find the right line to win this turn? Read more

Here's the "good" cards #10-1 of Fallen Empires (ha!) Ice Age (*snicker*), Homelands (*uproarious laughter*), and Alliances (I can see it). Read more

Against the Odds: Infinite Navigator (Standard)

Infinite navigator

Is it possible to take infinite turns in Standard with Timestream Navigator and a Planeswalker Deck planeswalker? Let's see!Read more

GOAT Magic: "What If?" Modern - Eldrazi vs. Twin

This Week in Legacy: Tuning Some Niche Decks

Goat magic eldrazi vs twin Death s shadow 600

What if Twin had never been banned in Modern? Would Eldrazi Winter still have happened? Let 's find out! Read more

This week Sean runs through something a little different. He looks to tuning recent Shadow and Painter lists in detail. Read more

Brewer's Minute: Beating Jace

Bm beating jace

For the first time ever, Jace, the Mind Sculptor is legal in Modern. How do you beat the best planeswalker of all time? Let's discuss!Read more

Free Four/Four Fun (RB Hollow One, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Podcast 159: Great Designer Search Three: Multiple Choice Questions (Part 1)

Rb hollow one highlights Podcast white

How many Hollow Ones can we play on turn one? Check out the stream highlights! Read more

Seth and Richard work their way through the first part of the multiple choice questions from Great Designer Search three. Read more

Commander Clash S4 Episode 17: Anything Goes (Grenzo vs. Doran vs. Ramos vs. Tetzimoc)

S4e18   anything goes   thumbnail

This week, anything goes! Which of the crew will come out on top when they can choose a commander with no restrictions? Let see!Read more

Instant Deck Techs

Infinite%2blife%2bsultai 3b66a0f3 cc9c 4e5c ba77 2462537b7fa2%2ejpg

Each day we'll be posting a short, three minute deck tech featuring some of the coolest decks that come across the site. The most popular deck will be made into videos the following week based on your views, likes and comments in the videos. Here's this week's Instant Deck Techs:

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