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Weekly Update (Apr 14): War of the Spark God-Eternals

Budget Magic: $92 (11 tix) Mardu Aristocrats (Modern, Magic Online)

Mardu%2baristocrats 90eebdb9 37ae 473e b69a 213289a5460c%2ejpg

Can Butcher of the Horde and Falkenrath Aristocrats make Mardu Aristocrats work in Modern on a budget? Let's find out!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Kaya, Orzhov Usurper Serum Powder Sunforger

Standard this week was surprisingly quiet on the finance front, especially considering we're in the middle of spoiler season. The biggest winner on the week was Kaya, Orzhov Usurper (up 24% to $17.90) which has recently become a staple of Esper Control in both Standard and Modern. Speaking of planeswalkers, Jace, Cunning Castaway jumped 16% to $3.40 this week, probably due to its janky infinite combo potential with a leaked planeswalker from War of the Spark that will be officially previewed later this week. Jace should probably be ignored since it's rotating in the fall (and the combo is really janky), but it wouldn't be that surprising for Kaya, Orzhov Usurper to stick in the $15 or $20 range for as long as she continues to see main deck Modern play.

Meanwhile in Modern we're seeing the London Mulligan Rule start to have an impact on prices with Serum Powder — which tends to be broken in decks that mulligan for specific combo pieces, a play pattern that London Mulligans heavily support — more than doubling up to $19.50 on the week. The big question is whether the rule actually goes into effect. The early feedback from Magic Online seems to suggest the rule is, more or less, as expected, making mulliganing less painful, but also powering up broken combo decks significantly. If you think the rule will stick around, picking up copies of cards that benefit from the rule makes sense, but there's a lot of risk considering it's possible the rule is never widely implemented. We'll know more after Mythic Championship London in a couple of weeks.

Finally, in the world of Commander, the new War of the Spark legend Feather, the Redeemed is making some financial waves with Sunforger (up more than 100% to between $8.50 and $9 depending on the version), Balduvian Rage (up 202% to $6), Mirrorwing Dragon (up 462% to $5), and Aurelia's Fury (spiking 132% to $6.55) all being bought out this week thanks to their synergy with the new commander. While these prices will normalize in the coming weeks, they likely won't go back to where they were pre-spike, at least for a long while. So if you need copies to build a new Commander deck, expect to pay more than you should have a week ago. Also, considering the huge number of legends in War of the Spark, expect more Commander-driven price spikes over the next few weeks. If you're planning on building around one of the new legends, the smart financial move is to pick up the cards you need now rather than getting stuck piecing together your deck post-spike.

The Planeswalkers of War of the Spark

War pw

Joe Dyer preps us for battle by going over all of the Planeswalkers in "War of the Spark"!Read more

Much Abrew: Four-Color Hydras (Modern, Magic Online)

Modern Mayhem: Selesnya Prison (Modern, Magic Online)

Ma 4 color hydras Selesnya ld  1

Quite a few tribes show up in Modern—Humans, Merfolk, Spirits. Can Hydras join the list? Let's find out! Read more

Blowing up lands? White has a counterspell? This all sound interesting? If so, make sure you watch TheAsianAvenger learn Selesnya Prison! Read more

Budget Commander: Neheb, Dreadhorde Champion

Budget cmd neheb

Part Voltron deck, part Graveyard deck, Neheb is a versatile commander that can win all sorts of ways!Read more

Budget Arena: Mono Black Discard (Standard, Magic Arena)

Against the Odds: Hokori Lock (Modern, Magic Online)

Mono b discard Hokori lock

Which card? Dis-card! Come join TheAsianAvenger as he plays mono-black discard! Read more

What are the odds of winning with a deck looking to lock opponents out of the game with Hokori, Dust Drinker in Modern? Let's find out! Read more

Vintage 101: No Permanents? No Problem!

Commander Clash S6 E9: Only Permanents Week! (Animar vs. Muldrotha vs. Reaper King vs. Ulamog)

Vintage 101  no permanents Commander clash 2019 week9

Joe Dyer helps players with an age old conundrum by showing you how to make friends and influence enemies with Stax! Read more

No instants or sorceries allowed! Special guest star, Vince! Read more

Our Blades are Sharp (Soulflayer Surprise, Modern) – Stream Highlights

Podcast 219: WAR Previews and Netflix Series

Soulflayer surprise stream  1 Podcast white

Can we dodge the endless graveyard hate of Modern and build an unbeatable Soulflayer on turn two? Read more

The crew breaks down a bunch of sweet new War of the Spark cards and speculates on the possibility of a Magic Netflix series. Read more

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