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Historic 101: Jeskai Superfriends (Historic, Magic Arena)

Last week we did best of one but this week we're putting the team back together for some Historic best of three laddering!

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Planeswalkers! Planeswalkers! And more Planeswalkers! That's at least our gameplan. Why not all of the Cavaliers? Because we have a sweet card in Oath of Teferi

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As somebody who still enjoys their planeswalkers, I had to take this chance to play with Oath of Teferi in a fun deck to grind the ladder with. The deck has a lot of power so being able to activate any of our planeswalkers twice is absurd. All we need to do is make sure the board is clear for our walkers which shouldn't be hard for us as we have six sweeper effects split between Deafening Clarion and Time Wipe

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We also have access to Fae of Wishes to use our sideboard as a tool box

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Of course, the big issue with Fae of Wishes causes us to sideboard in an odd way. You'll have to have a feel for how your matchup will play out to figure out what to cut and move into the main deck but keep in mind that there are cards you always want access to in case of emergency. Leaving cards like Planar Cleansing in the sideboard might be better than putting it in the main deck. In some matchups, it's okay to board out a singleton Fires of Invention to pull from the sideboard.


- Because we're extremely light on spot removal, we seem to struggle with Gruul as everything Gruul plays have haste and immediately smashes into our face. I don't think the matchup is unwinnable but definitely one that requires us to play extremely close to the chest when it comes to life total.

- Don't be afraid to deploy Fae of Wishes to stem the bleeding so we can live to see a later turn!

- Try to leave key cards in the sideboard so that we have ways to tutor for them with Fae of Wishes


As of right now, the deck seems to be lacking a few things. It needs more spot removal and more things to play at the four drop slot, and I think Drawn From Dreams will fill that role perfectly. It also has a big issue with Gruul as the deck is just too fast and so maybe we should look to going up to a full playset of Deafening Clarion

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If you ever have a deck you want to be made into a video feel free to leave a like, comment, Email, and subscribe to the MTGGoldfish Youtube Channel 

-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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