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Historic 101: Fishtoric!

Glub glub glub! The merfolk are pleased with this Historic Anthology release as we just got Merrow Reejerey so naturally we'd have to take a poke at making a Fish deck in historic!

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Our gameplan of going wide with a bunch of Merfolk got better as we got another lord effect in Merrow Reejerey!

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Previously, all we had was Merfolk Mistbinder for lord effects but with Reejerey, we now have eight copies and the ability to out tempo our opponents with the tapping ability. The tapping ability of Reejerey will be important as we don't have a Lord of Atlantis to give us Islandwalk combined with Spreading Seas but we'll take it! We also have the ability to cast Merfolk Trickster and with Reejerey out, that's two creatures tapped down which is big!

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Another fun interaction is Deeproot Elite and Benthic Biomancer as it turns every Merfolk that enters the battlefield into a potential Merfolk Looter as we just keep loading Benthic Biomancer with counters.

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Another card that will synergize with Deeproot Elite is Merfolk Skydiver as it not only puts a counter on a threat of our choosing, the activated ability gets really scary when it's not hard to put +1/+1 counters on our little fish friends. If we ever get to proliferate, we're usually in a good spot. 

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With all the removal running around, I wanted to throw a few copies of Kopala, Warden of Waves into the deck just to force our opponents to have the board wipe as the two mana tax becomes very costly when they're trying to remove one of our lords or big beefy merfolk. 




After finishing the video with a 3-2 record, it feels like Merfolk got a boost in power but are still lacking that closing push. Turns out the lack of Islandwalk is pretty major as things like Arboreal Grazer and other creatures bought too much time for our opponents. I really would love to see cards like Cursecatcher and Lord of Atlantis printed in the next Historic Anthology but for now the deck can safely sit in the tier 2.5 area. However, if you're a fish fanatic, you'll definitely find some nostalgic joy playing with Reejerey. The nice thing about Merfolk is that its all in and forces our opponents to not stumble in any way as our aquatic forces grow out of hand quickly. I do like the current list and think it's pretty fun so take it for a spin if you've got the wildcards laying around!

As always, thanks for watching! See ya at the next one.

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