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Historic 101: Nicol Bolas 2020 (Historic, Magic Arena)

The year is 2020 and Nicol Bolas is still causing Grixis havoc on the historic meta!

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The way the deck is built, I'm looking to disrupt our opponents with a ton of removal followed by a few ways to attack our opponent's hand with Thought Erasure and Nicol Bolas, the Ravager and then stick any of our threats to win the game.

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The wincons are what you'd expect from the Grixis game plan. We have Ravager tearing up the opponent's hand while also forcing them to answer the 4/4 beater that will eventually flip and take over the game. We also have the Dragon God as another efficient planeswalker that attacks our opponent's resources with the +1. Lastly, we have Liliana to help create an army of 2/2s and deal with any problematic Vine Mare and Carnage Tyrant

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Gadwick is a card that I'm trying out as a two-of as I've found that Grixis needs some card that pulls you back into the game after you've exhausted your hand of disruption. The option to draw and refill your hand is much needed but when the deck has Dragon god which requires triple black and this card requires triple blue, I will admit it's very greedy, but I didn't want to play something that can get countered with Dovin's Veto nor ripped from my hand with a Duress. Its also nice to have another body on board.


After getting a nice 4-1 with the deck I think the deck has a glaring weak spot against counterspell heavy decks so maybe we need to add Chandra, Awakened Inferno. While I liked Gadwick, the Wizened, the triple blue definitely cost us some games. Not really a surprise but because of how powerful he is, I think I'd still play one. I'd also look into playing maybe a different split on sweepers as the knights decks that can go wide very quick means we may not live long enough to see turn four so maybe adding another copy of Cry of the Carnarium will help.

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This is a nice base build to start with this deck but maybe more modifications will have to happen farther down the line. If you want to see me play with these decks and modify them a bit more, tune into my stream!

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