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Historic 101: Luminous Kroxa 2

With AKR hitting Arena we get Solemnity which enables a few combos, so let's go ahead and try to throw a few of the combos into the same deck!

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The core piece of the deck is Solemnity as that enables all of our shenanigans. Since we're focused on assembling a few different combos, one way we can survive long enough to win the game is to assemble this little combo...

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Nine Lives pretty much makes it so Red decks and damage based ways to kill us won't ever work because Solemnity will prevent counters being placed on Nine Lives, meaning we can take damage forever. However, there are ways around this that people may not know and it's in the card Bonecrusher Giant. Specifically, the stomp half makes it so damage can't be prevented. Because of this, be sure to use your Stomp at a moment where we won't get hit. 

So now we've made it a lot harder to die but how do we win?

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Luminous Broodmoth is the other key part of the deck as Broodmoth and Solemnity makes it so whatever creature we have that dies without flying, will come back forever and cause an infinite loop unless the opponent removes the Broodmoth or Solemnity. The next part of the combo is really choosing what you want to close out with.

$ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00 $ 0.00

Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger or Fanatical Firebrand will be your killing piece as Kroxa will continue to enter the battlefield causing your opponent to infinitely discard or take 3 damage. It's also not unheard of to just play Kroxa as a solid 6/6 beater to apply pressure and distract the opponent until we can assemble the win. The other creature that is cheaper and slightly more mana efficient is Fanatical Firebrand as we just keep sacrificing it and pinging the opponent for one. Of course, this is one damage at a time so it's going to take a ton more clicking than a Kroxa kill where you can just spam the spacebar. 


Right now the Historic format is still fresh and new and not a ton of people are prepared to interact with our graveyard main deck while there isn't a ton of enchantment removal outside of Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. Assembling the Nine Lives + Solemnity combo should be the go to choice against red. The deck is extremely greedy and is a 3 card combo to win so it's actually quite fair and balanced. Because it does require so many pieces, sometimes you just lose a game holding 2/3rds of a combo. I'm sure there are probably more ways to make the deck consistent and that's really why I have Grim Tutor, although some people have mentioned Idyllic Tutor. I'm not a fan of Idyllic because it can't fetch the creature pieces. However, it doesn't hit us in the face for 3 damage and could be worth a shot. Otherwise, the deck is really just meant for fun and I wouldn't say it's tier 1 or anything. I was able to climb from 90% mythic to 98% mythic with the deck. It's inconsistent but extremely fun so if you're a combo player, check it out!

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-Your Friendly Neighborhood AsianAvenger

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