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Historic 101: Does Fair Magic Still Work?

Sep 11 // by TheAsianAvenger

Playing one land a turn? One for ones? Jund!?!?? TheAsianAvenger tries a play style of old to make Richard proud in Historic.


Historic 101: Did Somebody Say Dragons!?

Aug 30 // by TheAsianAvenger

Dragons!? WHERE!?


Historic 101: Luminous Kroxa 2

Aug 19 // by TheAsianAvenger

The Luminous Kroxa combo is now live on MTG Arena so TheAsianAvenger channels his inner combo player!


Historic 101: Historic Wheels

Jun 21 // by TheAsianAvenger

Hold onto your hands because TheAsianAvenger is bringing some Induced Amnesia wheels to the Historic queues!


Historic101 : Golgari Elves

Apr 04 // by TheAsianAvenger

TheAsianAvenger takes our friendly little green forest friends for a run through a league!


Historic 101: Fishtoric!

Mar 25 // by TheAsianAvenger

Is Merrow Reejery the missing piece to push Merfolk above the other tribes in Historic?


Historic 101: Esper Humans (Historic)

Mar 21 // by TheAsianAvenger

Esper gets aggressive?


Historic 101: Definitely A Minotaur Deck (Historic, Magic Arena)

Mar 08 // by TheAsianAvenger

This is 100% not clickbait and definitely a Minotaur tribal deck.


Historic 101: Nicol Bolas 2020 (Historic, Magic Arena)

Jan 03 // by TheAsianAvenger

New Year. Same Bolas mwahahah!


Historic 101: Irencrag Gruul (Historic, Magic Arena)

Dec 18 // by TheAsianAvenger

Its always a good day if you can cheat out Drakuseth, Maw of Flames


Historic 101: Esper Control (Historic, Magic Arena)

Dec 06 // by TheAsianAvenger

What updates does Esper Control from standard's past need to take down opponents on the historic ladder?


Historic 101: Jeskai Superfriends (Historic, Magic Arena)

Dec 04 // by TheAsianAvenger

How does a bunch of planeswalkers match up against the meta?