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Historic 101: Definitely A Minotaur Deck (Historic, Magic Arena)

With the newest Historic Anthology being announced for #MTGArena, I wanted to play more Historic. Now that you're all here..... I wanted to show you this sweet Minotaur deck 

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Oh yes. It's time to load our deck up with cards like Drakuseth, Maw of Flames, Angrath's Marauders, and Purphoros, Bronze Blooded so we can hit search for them with Deathbellow War Cry. Of course, they aren't Minotaur at all until we have an Arcane Adaptation. All the roads lead to the point where we could finally play ... Arcane Adaptation

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Yes, the card Deathbellow War Cry is eight mana but with the help of Irencrag Feat, all we need is access to 5 mana so we can cast the big spell. Barring some unfortunate luck and drawing all of our threats, we can set up a one turn kill after we resolve the War Cry as Purphoros, Bronze Blooded will give our threats haste.

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I'm really surprised to inform you that we went 4-3. The deck is a full on meme but if I were to add some more cards to the deck, it'd probably be cheaper interaction like Flame Sweep or Brazen Borrower just to interact and stay alive. If not that, then more card draw like Chemister's Insight.

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As always thanks for watching and reading! I can't wait to see the new Historic Anthology as it has some sweet cards like Meddling Mage and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben so keep checking the site for more Historic content.

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