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Weekly Update (Mar 21): Meme or Dream Circle of Loyalty

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Budget Magic: $94 Egon Stompy (Modern)

How good is Egon, God of Death in Modern on a budget, backed by Rotting Regisaur, Demonic Embrace, and a bunch of cheap, aggressive black creatures? Let's see!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Sliver Legion Doubling Season Verdant Catacombs

This week's biggest finance news is the release of Time Spiral Remastered. Cards from the main set are still trending down in price. In fact, as a whole, Time Spiral Remastered lost nearly 30% of its value this week. Just how long this will last remains to be seen. Box prices jumped from around $180 to nearly $230 over the past few days, which suggests that supply is already running low. While waiting a bit longer to pick up expensive singles like Sliver Legion makes sense, I wouldn't wait too long. Even though it's release weekend, between the low supply and the fact that we're jumping into Strixhaven spoilers this week, I'm not sure the set will be actively opened for that much longer. 

Meanwhile, in Commander some of the best "tokens matter" cards in the format are on the rise with Doubling Season climbing back up to $75 after being as low as $40 a few months ago thanks to a Double Masters reprinting and Parallel Lives hitting $60 after being $25 back in December. The catalyst for this increase seems to be some new legends like Lathril, Blade of the Elves, Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider, and especially Koma, Cosmos Serpent (planeswalker stamp), although it could also be a bet that Simic... err... Quandrix from Strixhaven will have a +1/+1 counter theme based on the fact that Quandrix Command has a +1/+1 counter mode and +1/+1 counters has been a traditional Simic mechanic in two-color sets for a long time. While there isn't much you can do if you need either of these cards now, the biggest lesson here is to try to pick up Commander staples when they are reprinted and cheap because they are unlikely to stay cheap for all that long. 

Last but not least, in Modern, Verdant Catacombs is on our biggest winners list this week, increasing 16% to $65 based on increased Jund play in post-banning Modern. If you need copies of Verdant Catacombs or any other expensive fetches, just keep waiting. We already know they are getting a "real" reprinting in Modern Horizons II, which is less than three months away at this point. Last time fetches were reprinted they dropped down into the $30-$40 range, so there's a decent chance that you'll save a lot of money by getting your Verdant Catacombs in June after rather than picking them up today.

Fatal Phage | Commander Clash Moment #10

Single Scoop: Boros Pretty Much Affinity (Historic, Magic Arena)

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This Week in Legacy: A Snapshot of Legacy 2021

Against the Odds: Harmless Offering (Historic)

Joe Dyer takes a look at Legacy since the bans and how things are shaking out! Read more

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Historic 101: Thinking Twice Like Its 2011

Vintage 101: The Shadow Knows

What year is this Control deck from? TheAsianAvenger might need to check his calendar. Read more

Joe Dyer looks at the current incarnations of Death's Shadow in Vintage! Read more

Commander Clash S10 E7: Anything Goes w/ Adriano! | Ramos vs. Syr Gwyn vs. Volrath vs. Akiri & Dargo

The crew plays with the site's artist, Adriano!Read more

Much Abrew: Ghost Dad's Vengeance (Modern)

The Fish Tank: Sweet and Spicy Viewer Decks (March 14-20, 2021)

Can Obzedat, Ghost Council join forces with Griselbrand to power a Mardu reanimator deck in Modern? Let's find out! Read more

What interesting decks did viewers submit this week? Let's find out! Read more

Modern Mayhem: 4C Splinter T-win 2021

TheAsianAvenger pilots a powerful two-card synergy that is pretty much Splinter Twin. Sort of.Read more

Top 10 Magic: the Gathering Creatures You Won't Believe Were Actually Good

Meme or Dream? The Circle of Loyalty (Standard)

Creatures keep getting better and better. Some of the creatures that used to Top 8 Pro Tours and Worlds in the 1990s look laughable today. Here are the top 10 you probably won't believe actually used to be good! Read more

Can Circle of Loyalty finally do something in Standard to make Seth feel a little better about picking it as one of the top Standard cards from the notoriously broken Throne of Eldraine? Read more

Podcast 320: I Listened To Chat and All I Got Was a DQ

Commander Clash Podcast 002: Fixing Mono-White

The crew discusses outside assistance in digital Magic, new Japanese promos, Modern Horizons II and answers #MTGFishmail. Read more

How's Wizards' progress in fixing Mono-White in Commander? Has Cartographer's Hawk fixed all of its problems? Read more

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