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Weekly Update (Jun 24): GPVegas Vlog and Complete M19 Spoilers

#GPVegas Vlog

Gp vegas vlog  1

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas (except for this #GPVegas Vlog).Read more

Budget Magic: $89 (30 tix) Mono-Blue Djinn (Modern)

Mono blue%2bdjinn 37430b9d 7486 4ec1 b841 9cfc760092a0%2ejpg

Can Zahid and Tempest Djinn form the foundation of a sweet deck in Modern? Let's find out!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle Nexus of Fate Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore

The biggest winner this week was Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle which more than doubled in price to $20. At first glance this makes sense, considering that TitanShift is a top tier deck in Modern and Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle is the deck's primary win condition. The reason for the price movement is more interesting: Scapeshift is being reprinted in Core Set 2019. With the sorcery dropping from $60 to $20 thanks to the reprint, it's likely that a lot more players will be interested in building TitanShift, driving up the price of the land.

Speaking of Core Set 2019, the exclusive Buy-A-Box promo Nexus of Fate is currently selling for somewhere between $23 and $30 on eBay. While you probably want a copy in your collection for Commander and maybe even for Standard as well, if you don't care about the extra turn spell, it's still a great reason to pick up a box early from your local game store. If you can get a box for around $100 and sell Nexus of Fate for around $30, you're really only paying $70 for the box. At $70 a box, it's very likely that Core Set 2019 will have a positive expected value (if you're looking for a full EV breakdown, it's coming next Sunday).

Finally, in my favorite buyout ever, the Legends version of Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore went from under $1 to $17 this week. It's not on the Reserved List and has been reprinted multiple times, which makes it especially strange. Apparently someone is betting on a lot of players not only building—but also blinging out—Eye-tribal with Okaun, Eye of Chaos and Zndrsplt, Eye of Wisdom.

Goblin Tribal Is Back! (Exclusive Core Set 2019 Preview)

Goblin trashmaster

Goblins got some support in Dominaria but were missing key pieces, like a Goblin lord. Thankfully, Core Set 2019 is here to help!Read more

Deep Tracks: Skyship Weatherlight

This Week in Legacy: Core Set 2019 So Far

Weatherlight thumb Ghitu lavarunner dominaria mtg art

Jhoira and her Weatherlight crew are soaring high above Dominaria, but the skyship has a much deeper past. Let's take a closer look! Read more

Sean runs through the Core Set 2019 Legacy-relevant spoilers so far! Read more

Commander Clash LIVE! from Grand Prix Vegas

Commander clash live gpvegas

The crew meet up in person to play Commander Clash live for the first time ever!Read more

Budget Commander: Arcades, the Strategist ($54 & $112)

Podcast 177: Grand Prix Las Vegas Special with Tomer

581 Podcast white

Turn your mediocre defense into mediocre offense with this spicy Arcades brew! Read more

Tomer joins Seth and Richard for a special podcast from Las Vegas covering Grand Prix Vegas and Core Set 2019 Spoilers. Read more

Instant Deck Techs

Defender%2bcombo 9975caab 84b4 4281 8e21 6ba795a1d7e5%2ejpg

Each day we'll be posting a short, three minute deck tech featuring some of the coolest decks that come across the site. The most popular deck will be made into videos the following week based on your views, likes and comments in the videos. Here's this week's Instant Deck Techs:

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