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Weekly Update (Jun 28): Origins Spoilers Trigger Tribal Spikes

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Magic Origins Spoilers

We put another week of Magic Origins Spoilers behind us. This week we received the rest of the flip-walkers, a new black board-wipe in Languish, some sweet new mythics, and some hot reprints in Goblin Piledriver and the painlands. Be sure to check out all the Magic Origins Spoilers.

Finance Brief by SaffronOlive

This week, the biggest finance news is related to Magic Origins; not so much about the cards in the set, but older cards that seem to work well with Origins cards. This is especially true of tribal cards since it has become clear that Magic Origins has a strong tribal theme featuring Elves, Goblins, and Merfolk.

One of the biggest winners is Aether Vial, which is up 25% this week to over $31. Rumor has it that StarCityGames has been buying out smaller vendors, so it's possible the price increases even more over the next week or two. Not only did Merfolk (which plays the card as a four-of) take down GP Copenhagen last weekend, but it's also one of the most important cards in Goblins which have been given new life in Modern with the spoiling of Legacy staple Goblin Piledriver

I'm not sure how good the deck will be, but the numbers suggest people are buying the key pieces in droves. Warren Instigator more than doubled in price this week and is currently over $20. Legion Loyalist jumped 69 percent to $5. If you're a Magic Online player, check your Vintage Masters draft leftovers; Goblin Piledriver itself increased from bulk to 2.5 tix.

On the Merfolk and Elves front, the biggest winners are the tribal lands from Lorwyn. Gilt-Leaf Palace and Wanderwine Hub were both bought out in the $2 - $3 range and are currently being relisted for between $10 and $12. If you need copies, try to wait it out as long as possible. I'm not sure there will be much demand in this price range once the hype dies down.

On the topic of lands, Cavern of Souls has been confirmed not to be in Magic Origins based on the name and number crunch. It is up slightly this week to $44. With the renewed focus on tribal strategies, it should push past $50 shortly and hitting $60+ by the end of the summer isn't out of the question. If you need them for play with, get them now.

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#Trending Cards

The five most viewed cards on MTGGoldfish this past week were:
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  4. Goblin Piledriver (Onslaught)
  5. Deathmist Raptor (Dragons of Tarkir)

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