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Weekly Update (Jun 23): M20 Previews and MC3 Decklists

Core Set 2020 Previews

Sorin%252c%2bimperious%2bbloodlord%2b%255bm20%255d Kaalia%252c%2bzenith%2bseeker%2b%255bm20%255d Yarok%252c%2bthe%2bdesecrated%2b%255bm20%255d Scheming%2bsymmetry%2b%255bm20%255d Leyline%2bof%2bthe%2bvoid%2b%255bm20%255d Lotus%2bfield%2b%255bm20%255d

Core Set 2020 preview season is officially under way! The week was headlined by a some new planeswalkers, reprints and new additions to the leyline cycle, and a new Lotus land! Be sure to check out for the latest previews and check out the important highlights of the set from SaffronOlive:

Mythic Championship III: Wrap Up

Mc 3

What went down at Mythic Championship III this weekend? Let's break it down!Read more

War of the Spark Block Constructed Primer

War ravnica primer

Get a head start with these block constructed decklists!Read more

Budget Magic: $99 (13 tix) Rakdos Unearth Goblins (Modern, Magic Online)

Rakdos%2bunearth%2bgoblins 0fcef795 7144 447d bb5e 01da54edeb5f%2ejpg

Modern Goblins is often an all-in aggro deck. Can some sweet new Modern Horizons additions make a slower card-advantage-heavy build of Goblins competitive in the format on a budget?Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Wrenn and Six Warren Instigator Leyline of the Void

This week, the Magic finance world is focused on two things: Modern Horizons and Core Set 2020. In Modern, most of the biggest gainers this week are either from Modern Horizons itself — Wrenn and Six and Giver of Runes both doubled in price this week — or are from decks that benefit from Modern Horizons cards with Goblins cards like Warren Instigator and Auntie's Hovel posting strong gains after a few different builds of Goblins finished 5-0 in Magic Online leagues (and Goblin Ringleader was spoiled for Core Set 2020). With a Banned and Restricted announcement and a Modern Mythic Championship coming in the next few months, it should be an interesting summer for Modern prices. As people continue to brew with Modern Horizons cards, expect more price spikes in the future, especially from breakout Modern Horizons cards that could end up in short supply with Core Set 2020 eating into the set's release window.

As for Core Set 2020, the biggest news so far are some very expensive Modern-focused reprints. Leyline of the Void leads the way. Just a week ago the enchantment was over $50 a copy as one of the most important sideboard cards in Modern. Now the Core Set 2020 printing is about $18 and likely to continue to fall. Meanwhile, Leyline of Sanctity is down from around $25 to $8 and Affinity/Hardened Scales staple Steel Overseer has dropped from $15 to $6. If you need these cards to round out your Modern collection, this summer will be your window. These cards are too important to Modern to stay cheap forever so pick up your copies on the cheap a couple of months after Core Set 2020 releases.

Finally, checking in on Modern Horizons as a whole, the set actually increased in price over the past week. While this is probably a temporary blip, with the Magic world moving on to Core Set 2020, Modern Horizons cards might end up a lot more expensive than most people assumed when they heard the set was printed to demand. At around $185, boxes offer solid value based on current prices and the cards from the set offer a lot of long-term potential as well. While you don't need to rush out and buy your Modern Horizons staples today, all things considered, getting them sooner rather than later seems like a good plan.

Much Abrew: UB Ninjas (Modern, Magic Online)

Ma ub ninjas

Does the printing of Ingenious Infiltrator mean it's time for Ninjas to shine in Modern? Let's find out!Read more

Commander Review: Modern Horizons | Part 2 | Red, Green, Multicolor, Colorless, Lands

Modern Mayhem: Esper Shadow (Modern, Magic Online)

Answered prayers modern horizons mtg art Esper death shadow

Tomer finishes his Commander review of Modern Horizons! Read more

Death's Shadow got some new cards from #MTGMH1 that TheAsianAvenger wants to try! Read more

Yarok, the Desecrated—Exclusive Core Set 2020 Preview

Yarok  the desecrated

Panharmonicon might be the greatest card of all time. What happens when you attach it to a legendary creature with upside? We're going to find out in Core Set 2020!Read more

Series TBD: UW Superfriends (Legacy, Magic Online)

Pauper Tech: Elves

Uw superfriends Ed246dde2228205e317ff610412c769f

What happens if you play a bunch of War of the Spark planeswalkers in a format as powerful as Legacy? Let's find out! Read more

Explaining and exploring pauper elves. Read more

Dovin's Acuity Update (Standard, Magic Arena)

Against the Odds: Marit Lage's 4C Simic Snow Stompy (Modern, Magic Online)

Esper acuity Marit lage 4c

Looking to update your best of one Acuity Deck? TheAsianAvenger has got you covered! Read more

What are the odds of winning with Marit Lage's Slumber in Modern? Let's find out! Read more

Rough Drafts: Modern Horizons

Mh1 rough drafts

Modern Horizons has had a major impact on constructed, but how does the set draft? Let's jump into an event and find out!Read more

Vintage 101: The Aftermath

Using Expected Numbers to Prepare for Magicfest Seattle

Vintage 101 aftermath Urza lord high artificer modern horizons mtg art

Joe Dyer dives into the effect that the past few years has had on Vintage! Read more

Which cards can be included the maindeck of Modern Horizons sealed? Read more

Fish Five-0: Abzan Midrange (Standard, Magic Arena)

Commander Clash S6 E19: Morophon Tribal Week! (Morophon vs. Morophon vs. Morophon vs. Morophon)

Fish 5 0 abzan midrange Commander clash 2019 week19

TheAsianAvenger tries a different set of colors for this Midrange deck! Read more

The crew build different tribal decks around the same changeling commander! Read more

This Is Fine... (Hogaak BridgeVine Modern) – Stream Highlights

Podcast 229: Core Set 2020 Spoilers & Mythic Championship III

Hogaak bridgevine stream highlights Podcast white

How broken is Hogaak in Modern? Read more

They crew breaks down a bunch of Core Set 2020 spoilers and discusses this weekend's Mythic Championship III. Read more

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