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Weekly Update (Dec 3): Silver-bordered Cards Legal in Commander

Silver-Bordered Cards now Legal in Commander

Unstable legal commander

Silver-bordered cards legal in Commander until January 15!Read more

Budget Magic: $99 (31 tix) GB Leap Whip (Modern)

Gb%2bleap whip 856fc7a9 9cd5 4823 91bc 3c70d27e630b%2ejpg

Can Evolutionary Leap and Whip of Erebos find a home in Modern, backed by some powerful value creatures? Let's find out!Read more

Finance Update w/ Saffron Olive

Johnny, Combo Player Hateflayer Horizon Canopy

It's been a fairly quiet week on the finance front with many of the biggest gainers not showing up on the movers and shakers page because the cards aren't actually legal in competitive formats. The big story of the week is nine cards from Unhinged and Unglued more than doubling in price with Johnny, Combo Player, Now I Know My ABC's, Strategy, Schmategy, and Jack-in-the-Mox leading the way. This is partly thanks to the announcement that Un-set cards will be legal in Commander until January, but many of these cards were on the rise even before the announcement because Unstable is driving interest in older silver-bordered cards.

In Modern, the biggest winner was Hateflayer, which jumped 51% to $4.21. As far as I can tell this is because Hateflayer is a key piece of Mairsil, the Pretender Commander decks and Mairsil, the Pretender himself is one of the more exciting build-around commanders from the Commander 2017 cycle. Not only does Hateflayer give Mairsil, the Pretender a way to deal damage, but untapping makes it possible to use multiple "tap" activated abilities in the same turn.

Finally, the community is still focused on Iconic Masters. In fact, seven of the 20 most-viewed cards on the site this week come from the set. While you should check out my article on what cards to pick up from the set if you are looking to build your Modern collection, the big take away is that prices for most cards in the set likely haven't hit their floors yet. Sometime in January (when the community is focused on Rivals of Ixalan) will probably be the best time to start picking up what you need, with the window extending for a few months.

Deck Evolutions: Modern Humans

Mayor of avabruck

Humans is the hot new deck in Modern, but how did the tribe evolve into the powerhouse it is today? Let's break it down!Read more

Much Abrew: Venser Bant (Modern)

Possibility Storm #10: Ixalan

Ma venser bant Possibility storm

Does Venser, the Sojourner have a home in Modern, backed by Eternal Witness and Cryptic Command? Let's find out! Read more

Can you find the right line to win this turn? Read more

Budget Commander: $20 Arcane Wizardry Upgrade


Tomer shows you how to focus Arcane Wizardry into a tight Wizards tribal or spellslinger deck for only $20!Read more

Against the Odds: Majestic Gods (Standard)

This Week in Legacy: Paper and Online Tech

Majestic gods Myth realized

Can five-color God tribal work in Ixalan Standard, with the help of Majestic Myriarch to win out of nowhere? Read more

Sean runs through some smaller events and technology from Magic Online! Read more

Vintage 101: More Human Than Humans!

Commander Clash S4 Episode 8: C17 Precons! (Arcane Wizardry, Draconic Domination, Feline Ferocity, Vampiric Bloodlust)

Thalia  guardian of thraben by steveargyle d8rvde6 S4e8   commander 2017   thumbnail

Islandswamp takes a look at Humans in Vintage! Read more

C17 has finally made its way on to MTGO! Let's check out the precons! Read more

Thop, Thop, Thop, Thop (Grixis Thopter Panharmonicon, Standard) – Stream Highlights

Podcast 150: Unstable, Iconic Masters Supply, Bullying in MTG

Grixis thopter stream highlights  1 Podcast white

Can making infinite Thopter tokens bring Panharmonicon back to the forefront of Standard? Let's see! Read more

The crew discusses the last batch of Unstable spoilers, the abundant Iconic Masters supply, and bullying in the community. Read more

Instant Deck Techs

Wb%2bzombie%2bcopter db24269b 9ece 476e 8a7a 4fbad13565b5%2ejpg

Each day we'll be posting a short, three minute deck tech featuring some of the coolest decks that come across the site. The most popular deck will be made into videos the following week based on your views, likes and comments in the videos. Here's this week's Instant Deck Techs:

Tournament Center


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